WOW Wedding: The Seppenfields

  When a hometown friendship turns into a romance, the big day is filled with two lifetimes of..

Rimsha & Zia

In a traditional, two-day Pakistani wedding last December, these high school sweethearts created an epic, transportive experience..

Urban Fairytale

Downtown wedding venues can be both dramatic and romantic. That’s what Spencer Freeman, Décor and Design Coordinator..

Aisle Style

The cost of weddings is on the rise, guest lists are shrinking and creativity is soaring. Kevin..

Wedding Trends

Which dress, décor and entertaining trends will brides and grooms be saying, “We do” to?  Nancy Miller..

Wow Weddings: Christy & John Ellinger

A mountaintop Omni resort provided an idyllic setting for the intimate wedding of childhood classmates Christy and..

Wow Wedding: Christine and Alex

When an unexpected storm struck minutes before their wedding at the mythical Breakers Hotel, these high school..

Wow Wedding: Brianna and Zach

A first date at Derby and a proposal at Louisville Slugger Museum culminated in a glamorous wedding..

Shelby + Josh Lyles

A beachfront proposal led to an elegant and effortless summer wedding for college sweethearts Shelby Nickol and..

Say Yes To A Kentucky Proud Wedding

Embracing Farm-To-Aisle Kentucky residents are notorious for keeping it local, and our loyalty is especially evident with the..

Allie + Michael Holtz

Allie and Michael Holtz met in Washington D.C., but were married in Louisville, Many guests were from..

Wow Wedding: Alex & Kelly Vincent

The historic Nunnlea House filled with flowers and candles created the perfect dreamy setting for the marriage of..

Wedding Trends: Pop-Up Weddings

They’re the antithesis of over-the-top, big-budget nuptials. Elopement-style weddings are catching on with couples seeking a simpler,..

Wow Wedding: Kari and Alex

After a remarkably successful blind date at, yes, Gerstle’s, Kari Quill and Alex Currie embarked on a..

Brooke and Baron

After dating for five years, this creative couple planned a picturesque and highly-personalized wedding celebration with a..

Spencer and Tyler

This stress-free bride and her high school sweetheart planned the perfect rooftop wedding, without a backup plan. Maybe..

Aisle Style

By bye, Bridezilla. From signature cocktails to smaller guest lists and hand-crafted invitations, this year’s standout weddings..

WOW Wedding: Sara and Erik

After falling in love almost at first sight, Sara and Erik Sanders dated for six years before..

Wow Wedding: Sydney and Jamie

Photos by Leonard Boulware College sweethearts Sydney and Jamie Goldsmith orchestrated an elegant and unforgettable wedding celebration that..

Wow Wedding: Michelle & Derek

New parents Michelle and Derek Keijner were given a chance to walk through a dream wedding when..

WOW Wedding: Lindsey and Whit

Bride-to-be Lindsey Trager was far from the fabled bridezilla. The former coach for the Ballard girls’ field..

WOW Wedding: Greta and Ben

For some reason, fun isn’t necessarily the first word associated with wedding planning or weddings for that..

Wedding Trends: Think Pink

There’s nothing more traditional than a summer wedding, but according to Amber Smith, co-owner of I Dobridal..

WOW Wedding: Aubrey & Aaron

It took three attempts for Aaron Sullivan to persuade Aubrey Obradovich to go out with him. “I..

Happily Ever After

Spontaneity may not be a word typically associated with some of our city’s most elegant nuptials. But,..

WOW Wedding: Tess & John

The formal gardens and elegant Beaux Arts home may have been the only purely traditional elements of..

WOW Weddings: Ellie + Jared

The St. Joseph Orphanage picnic is a Louisville summer tradition. In 2007, Ellie Daunhauer and Jared Hickerson..

Wedding Trends: Glass Slippers

Most little girls dream of being Cinderella, and dream of being a bride.  It’s completely ‘magical’ when..

WOW Wedding: Erin & Christopher

When it comes to love, it’s been said that opposites attract. This couldn’t be more true for..

WOW Wedding: Hannah & Kirk Dubé

College–the time in your life where you find yourself, your passions and even your forever love. Hannah..

WOW Wedding: Kayla & Aaron Remmers

It’s been said, “love knows no bounds.” No two people know this to be true more than..

Wedding Trends: Geek Chic Boutonnieres

Sure, the wedding is usually all about the bride, but when you take tradition and throw it..

Wow Wedding: Kelly & CJ

Kelly and C.J. Watts first noticed each other during a game night at the home of a..

Wedding Trends: Your Groom Can Have His Big Fat Geek Wedding

So your groom is a Comic-Con regular? He hides comics inside War and Peace? There are many..

Wow Wedding: Erin & John

Erin and John Ennis hail from two different parts of the world but were brought together by..

WOW Wedding: Emily & William Downey

Emily and William Downey were born and raised in Versailles. Growing up, they knew each other from..

The Games People Play...At Wedding Receptions

One of the most fun things about planning a wedding is thinking about how you are going..

Wedding Trends: Aisles with Style

We’ve looked at rose petals in freeform placement, but the biggest trend in aisle runner style is..

WOW Wedding: Samantha & Tommy Willis

Samantha Perkins and Tommy Willis were brought together by a ring tone. Freshman year at Valdosta State..

TOPS Weddings: The Swinfords

Keenon met Lucy while he was interning at the law office where she worked. Their first date..

TOPS Weddings: The Ramseys

Matt coached Lauren’s brother on the local high school's football team. Lauren first saw Matt at an..

TOPS Weddings: The Johnsons

Although they attended UK together and even lived in neighboring fraternity/sorority houses, Jessica and Mike didn’t meet..

TOPS Wedding: The McGuires

Many couples have a long history together, like Nick and Kelly, who met in middle school. Kelly..

TOPS Weddings: The Hendricksons

Kristen grew up in Versailles and met Jonathan during her senior year at the University of Alabama...

TOPS Weddings: The Stoltzes

As newcomers to the rowing club at Cambridge University, Jane Batchelor and Kenny Stoltz immersed themselves in..

TOPS Weddings: The Gotchers

Brandice and Todd had been in contact with one another by email and FaceTime during his deployment..

TOPS Weddings: The Hurleys

Not many couples’ stories begin in PE class, but for Amber and Dallas, that’s where their journey..

TOPS Weddings: The Millers

Like many couples these days, Alison and Randy met online. They chatted for about a month before..

WOW Wedding: Emily & David Harrison

What a storybook romance! Emily and David Harrison met through mutual friends their senior year at Georgetown..

Wedding Trends: Ombré Aisles

Before all eyes will be on you, your guests’ eyes will be on your wedding aisle, awaiting..

WOW Wedding: Lesley & Jared Hager

High school sweethearts Lesley and Jared Hager met in 2007 at JCTC, the accelerated school for East..

Need an Inexpensive Floral Element? Add Rose Petals

Wedding flowers make your wedding look rich and beautiful, while either adding a pop of color to..

WOW Wedding: Amy & Hank

Amy and Hank Gabbard knew each other long before they fell in love. They grew up in..

Photo Booths at Your Reception Can Be the Hit of the Day

Your wedding photography is one of your most important wedding day choices. The photos that result are..

Wow Wedding: Hadley & Adam

Hadley Stein and Adam Parritz first met in JFK airport. They were both on their way to..

Take Your Seats: Artfully Arranged Outdoor Ceremony Seating

Outdoor ceremonies top many brides’ wish lists these days – along with crossed fingers and a prayer..

Wow Wedding: Lindsey & McKenzie

While Lindsey and McKenzie were students at Pikeville High School, they were “just friends”; looking back, they..

WOW Wedding: Megan and Seth

Megan & Seth Hillenmeyer met at Miami of Ohio. They were friends first and became closer while..

Altared States

The Centerpiece of Rustic or Outdoor Weddings is a Wooden Altar  Now that many churches are larger and have..