The TOP Health Risks in Louisville

As the largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Louisville faces significant health challenges to its citizens...

Add a Little Sunshine to Your Workout

The benefit of exercising outdoors is that it’s a real mood booster. The beautiful scenery, lush green..

Surfing the Financial Wave of COVID-19

“Your surfing can get better on every turn, on every wave you catch. Learn to read the..

Anxiety Getting You Down?

School is out for the year, vacation time has been rearranged and you’ve been isolated with the..

Pre-Derby Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment Timeline

It's mid-March with a little more than seven weeks until Derby fun…parties, parades, steamboat races, balls, and..

Heart Health: Advancements & Preventative Care Tips

In observance of February as American Heart Month, Dr. Bianca Ummat of Baptist Health and Dr. Arpit..

Beauty Buzz: Dermaplaning & Hydra Facial

Winter weather is notorious for drying out the skin, which can cause the face to appear dull..

Roots: Mindful, Compassionate Cooking

Huong “CoCo” Tran’s journey to opening the upscale vegetarian restaurant Roots began in 1975 when she and..

Signature Smiles Offers Sparkling Whites

With a passion for overall patient health and wellness, and an emphasis on the effect a person’s..

Bluegrass Center for Autism

The Bluegrass Center for Autism’s mission is to provide children and adults affected by autism with an..

Inspiring Confidence

We continue with Part Two of a planned three-part series covering in detail a complete, head-to-toe makeover..

The Digenis Refresher Lift

When Robin McKiernan turned 50, she started thinking about having a facelift “sooner rather than later, because..

Living With Alzheimer's

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month. According to the Alzheimer’s Association,..

Three Reasons Kim's Glad Her Cancer Care was Close to Home

By receiving her care at Baptist Health, Kim remained close to her husband andfamily, wasn’t burdened financially..

Fighting the Unspoken Battles of Cancer

GILDA’S CLUB With the mottle “Living with cancer is not a choice, how HOW you live with it..

Cyberknife Helps Patients In A Unique And Advanced Way

If cancer treatment could be quicker and less invasive, those diagnosed could suffer a lot less, according..

Inspiring Confidence: Holding Back The Years

We begin with Part One of a planned three-part series covering in detail a complete, head-to-toe makeover..

Donating Bras to Women in Need

With October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our inspiration-themed issue here at TOPS Louisville, exploring the..

Exercise Can Improve Cancer Patients' Lives

Those suffering from the effects of cancer and chronic illnesses may not feel they have enough energy..

Maintaining Courage Throughout Your Fight

Just as no two people are the same, no two healing journeys are identical. These stories of..

Women's Healthcare

Institute for Integrative Medicine 502-253-4554 • INTEGRATIVEMEDICINE4U.COM “Our forte is wellness and prevention,” says Kim Evans, APRN of the..

Tips for your Best Skin this Fall

It may still be scorching out, but autumn is right around the corner. And with the changing..

Beauty Buzz: On The Go Essentials

REFRESHING WIPES Ursa Major Wipes (20 pack), $24 | Available at Whites Mercantile Yuni Single Shower Sheets, $1.50. |..

Kelsi Dahlia, Louisville Olympian...

At this stage of her life, Kelsi Dahlia expected that she would find herself working as a physical therapist. Instead, the 24-year-old Olympic swimmer and Gold..

The Benefits of Yoga for Stress Relief

It is no secret that Yoga is having a "moment" in American society.  This 5,000-year-old practice is..

Clean & Non-Toxic Summer Must Haves

Sun exposure can take a toll on your skin, so why treat it with harsh chemicals? Here..

The Benefits of a Massage

Self-care is nothing new, but finding the time for it is.  In a world that is laced..

Whitney Strong

If anyone has the right to be called a survivor, it’s Whitney Austin. She’s a strong woman..

Surviving the “C” bomb: Moving beyond cancer to wellness

Surviving the "C" bomb: moving beyond cancer to wellness   Louisville, Ky. -- The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP) is hosting..

Summer Exposure

Summer is the season to kick back, relax and just enjoy being outside without freezing, but it's..

Sneezing Season

Feeling like allergies are getting the best of you? You're not alone. Especially during the spring and..

Down-To-The-Wire Beauty

We’re four weeks out from Derby and that means the race to primp and prep is on...

Get Glowing

You have the hat, the heels, the dress. All you need now is the flawless complexion. Why..

Clear the Clutter

It’s officially the time of year to eliminate piles of stuff that invade our homes and increase..

How to Have the Retirement of your Dreams

What does your ideal post-career life look like? Whether you envision long days on the golf course,..

The Doctor is In

One psychiatrist saw the long waiting lists for mental health appointments and said, “Enough.” Dr. Ora Frankel..

Spa Treatments That Will Make You Melt

It’s one of those questions we get asked all the time: Where can I get the best..

Diary of a Rhinoplasty

A bad fall, fractured nose and unplanned trip to the ER were the catalyst for corrective surgery..

Why You Need A Massage More Than Ever During The Holidays

Sure, it feels fabulous. But a great massage can improve your mood, posture, energy level and just..

Successful Aging

While too much talk is devoted to “anti-aging,” a depressing notion that puts us in a battle..

The Hair Trends You'll See Everywhere This Fall

We asked Karen Stout, master stylist at Joseph’s Salon and Spa and the styling pro behind our..

The Foundation of Wellness

The cultural obsession with anti-aging takes the emphasis off what really matters: ageless wellbeing which can only..

The Doctor is In

Running a thriving surgical and cosmetic procedure practice is a balancing act between being an excellent physician..

Hook Me Up

It’s the secret elixir for athletes like Ryan Lochte, partiers and people with glowing skin.  Is intravenous..

Age-Defying Beauty And Health Breakthroughs

By Dianne H. Timmering The world of health and beauty revolves around an endless race towards some antidote..

Lashing Out

Long, lush lashes without a spec of mascara may become this summer’s most wanted beauty goal. As..

How To Look Great When It’s 100 Degrees

These high-tech sun protective products and oil-free moisture-boosters for skin and hair will keep you gorgeous and..

A Show of Hands

Most of us spend a lot of energy and money focusing on above-the-neck anti-aging measures, while what’s..

Down to the Wire Beauty Boosters

We’re four weeks out and the race is on… not just to find the perfect dress and..

Going Long

A lush mane on demand isn’t just for cover models and reality show stars. This month, Joseph’s..

The Concierge-Doctor Is In

The rise of private pay or “concierge” medical practices brings a new, personalized model to the healthcare..


Women aren’t the only ones going under the needle in the name of rejuvenation. According to the..

Confessions Of A Labiaplasty Patient

She didn’t tell her co-workers and she won’t use her last name, but twenty-one-year-old Erin is one..

Your Libido At 20, 30, 40, 50 and Beyond

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?  The answer may depend on your age and the state..

Downtown Destination Spa

The sparkling new Omni Hotel has a special perk for us locals: The swanky, full-service Mokara Spa...

The Wonder Pin

The much buzzed-about collagen pin is delivering big payoffs—tightening, lifting and rejuvenating everything from the décolletage up. One..

A Tale of Two Lip Enhancements

Photos by Danny Alexander This on-the-rise procedure often makes news when the latest celeb hits the red carpet..

Its Hormonal: 13 Symptoms You Can Blame on Biology

Can’t get out of bed?  Blame your thyroid hormone! Feeling wonderful? Your estrogen and progesterone are in..

Secrets of the Super Fit

A fit physique and the glowing good health that goes along with it have no age limit...

8 Top Fitness Trends for 2018

Groups are trending in, machines are trending out and there’s no better time to shake up your..