HLP Aircraft Detailing


Founded by young student pilots and private pilots at Bowman Field, HLP Aircraft Detailing Company brings a commitment to excellence to their work that is second to none. Last year, Brett Logsdon, Henry Putney, Zak Leet, and Alex Rogers were looking for ways to pay for their training when one of their instructors suggested that they provide a plane washing service there at the field. “It just went from there,” says Brett. “Next, we expanded into detailing. We have very exacting standards and don’t cut any corners, so even though we’re a new company, we’re going to provide a great service.” 

The guys quickly found that their exceptional devotion to quality work and attention to detail is equally applicable to other vehicles. They also ser- vice boats and automobiles, and their reach extends past Louisville and into the surrounding areas, like Clark and Shelby county. Whatever you drive, fly, or ride, HLP is here to keep it washed, waxed, and detailed so that you’re high, tight, and looking right. 

With a personable attitude that is equal to their expertise, HLP is a name that you know you can trust. They are exceedingly polite, believe in the value of working hard to achieve their goals, and through practical application, have learned more valuable lessons than any school can teach. 

You can find, follow, and connect with HLP Aircraft Detailing on Facebook, Instagram, or at their all new website at 

Clater Jewelers


Clater Jewelers is thrilled to be celebrating 70 years in Louisville. William
D. Clater started in the south end, October of 1949, and moved to the east end some years later. In 1973 Sallie Clater Baer and Megan Campbell Martin started working for Mr. Clater in the jewelry store and their love of jewelry began. William Clater grew the business based on honesty, trust, integrity and superior customer service. In 1997, Sallie and Megan purchased the business from Sal- lie’s father. “We can’t think of a better business to be in, we have the privilege of sharing so many happy moments and celebrations with our customers.” 

Megan’s daughter Christy Martin Effinger discovered she loved the business as much as her mom and Sallie do. To start her career in the jewelry business she pursued a graduate gemology certification from the Gemological Institute of America. She is committed to continuing her education within the jewelry industry, completing appraisal certification courses as well as bench jeweler programs. She believes being hands on and knowledgeable in all aspects of the business is key. “I love redesigning an old sentimental piece of jewelry into a new lifetime piece. Jewelry tells a story!” 

October 28th is National First Responders Day. Clater’s is partnering with Jewelry Innovations to give 5 local fire stations a new tool to safely remove contemporary metal rings on the market today. We are honored to support our hard working first responders as they serve our community. 

Clater Jewelers is truly a family jeweler. Buying a diamond is a lot easier when you find a jeweler you can trust. This store is committed to helping their customers, treating them like family, continuing education, quality products and service. Clater Jewelers is happy to be serving a 4th generation of families. For Clater Jewelers 70th year in business they are celebrating Big. Visit them in Westport Village. 

Majestic Hemp Company


Melissa Thieneman is a survivor on a mission to inspire and help people in achieving a new level of well-being. She knows firsthand just how much CBD helps with chronic pain. After battling Scoliosis in 2003 and breast cancer in 2017, she found that hemp products eased her pain and improved her quality of life. “My two sons got me to try it,” she recalls. “I had tried just about everything, but found that this natural solution truly was the best.” 

Along with her sons, Corey and Mychal Beam, and her husband, David Crawley, Melissa opened Majestic Hemp Company earlier this year in the Highlands. They offer
a wide range of medicinal products designed to ease a number of ails, including stress and anxiety, muscle pain, and insomnia. Available in the form of tinctures, rubs, and gel caps, the Majestic brand is made with love from farms here in Kentucky, as well as Colorado. True to their name, Majestic Hemp has made a commitment to excellence. They are dedicated to bringing you the best CBD available. Complying with the Farm Bill of 2018, the CBD oil you will receive meets the 0.3% limit of THC. 

For those whom might still be on the fence- in the near future, Melissa and her family will begin to hold informative classes at their shop. Majestic Hemp is located at 1620 Bardstown Road. You can find more information and order products directly from

Dana Reinhardt


A man of deep compassionate spirit, Dana Reinhardt strives to open doors and create new opportunities for those who find themselves in struggle. “It’s very important for me to make things happen for other people. So many people face such huge challenges. Often, all they need is a bit of relief or advice, and that makes all the difference. The thing that gives our lives meaning is that sense of purpose. Once you have that, you have the keys to the world.” 

Dana has built a remarkable career in the life insurance business and still continues to forge strong bonds with many people from various backgrounds. He founded Reinhardt Academic Center located at the UofL Business School. It’s an institution that allows business school undergraduates to serve in apprenticeship, all while developing a powerful education through careful guidance. “It’s been said before, but knowledge truly is power,” says Dana. 

In 1982, Dana got an instant family when his wife gave birth to triplets; Erin, Amanda, and Dana Jr., who was born with cerebral palsy. Dana’s lifetime skill and drive to help others found an all new purpose with caring for these children. 

Throughout the years building his insurance practice, Dana stayed engaged with community projects and raising money for cerebral palsy. In 2015 tragedy hit and Dana was widowed. “This was a severe blow with a family of triplets,” Dana says. “In looking back, it’s amazing what can happen to you when you think your life is perfect.” After two years of grieving, Dana met a very inspirational person that helped him build his confidence back and start moving forward again. He recently married this remarkable woman, Shannan. With her encouragement, Dana is back doing what he loves best – helping others. 

On October 12th, Dana is hosting a major fundraiser to benefit those who live with cerebral palsy. The event is in service of the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies, and will be held at the Louisville Down- town Marriott. It’s sure to be a spectacular evening, featuring the music of Nashville’s stellar party band, Burning Las Vegas. Dr. Mark Lynn and his wife, Cindy have been so kind as to be the main sponsors, and Dana is so grateful to them both for their help. 

For more information on the event, visit

Louisville Beauty Academy


As a child in Vietnam, Di Tran experienced a level of poverty that few of us in the United States could fully conceive. “We lived in mud huts,” he recalls. “It was very rural and poor. My parents, two sisters, and I moved to America when I was 12. We were empty-handed and had to start from the very bottom.” 

From humble beginnings, Di Tran has built a remarkable life of success. He attended Speed School and there developed his gifts in computer science, leading him to become an engineer. These skills along with his drive and ambition allowed him to climb the corporate ladder at Humana. He’s taught his expertise to others at Sullivan in six years as a professor and he owns eight nail salons. 

He’s a life long learner with a passion for discovery, but his greatest strength might be his sense of compassion and desire to give back. “I’m interested in building a stronger community for all,” he says of Louisville Beauty Academy, the cosmetology school that he owns. Here, people from all backgrounds can learn a trade that can carry them through
their lives for an affordable cost and with very flexible schedules. It’s his endeavor to help others reach the heights that he has achieved, and he strives to be as strong an advocate for the community as he can possibly be. “We are all stronger together,” he says.

Jennifer Hemsell



“What makes you Happy? We have one shot at life here on earth, so we better make it a good one. I believe happiness is a choice and we can dramatically increase our happiness by practicing daily happiness skills,” says Jennifer Hemsell, a motivational speaker and blogger. 

Jennifer left behind a successful career in Corporate America after 22 years to follow her true passion-spreading happiness. She has presented her seminars throughout the country including the Greenbrier, for corporations, schools, client events, and has been featured on WHAS Great Day Live. 

She is pictured here with her son Cole. You can find out more about her cutting edge seminars and get daily happiness tips on Facebook, Instagram, and 

Royal Cheer Xtreme


Derrick Clarkson is passionate about cheerleading. “The main thing that I wish people understood about cheer is that it’s a real sport,” he says. “Stunting and tumbling require high levels of talent and athletic ability by both males and females. It’s now a provisional Olympic sport.” Along with his partner Julie Theniman, Derrick opened Royal Cheer Extreme in 2011. It’s a competitive, all-star gym that prepares students for college and emphasizes important life lessons. “Winning is always nice, but we feel it’s more important to make good humans. That’s what we’re really all about.” 

Derrick came from a very athletic background, and cheered in high school at Eastern and then U of L. He began coaching in 1997. He’s also a fireman for St Matthews. “I always loved firetrucks,” he says of his lifelong enthusiasm, “and I love helping people and trying to be an inspiration to my son.”


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