TOPS sat down with Jill Higginbotham, owner and founder of J Michael’s Spa & Salon, for some tips to battle COVID-19 hair.

What is the best way to hide my grown-out roots?

One of the easiest ways to hide regrowth is to use a root conceal product. At J Michael’s, we recommend Eufora’s Color Conceal. It’s an easy-to-apply mineral powder that comes in a multitude of shades to match your hair color. Best of all it does not sweat off!  Luckily for all of us, the “rooted” and balayage hair trends are still going strong. This means a darker color can be used to hide grays or blend your regrowth into your blonde and you are still on trend for those important Zoom business meetings!

Do you recommend boxed hair color? Why?

I do not. Hair color is a complex chemical process that permanently changes the structure of your hair (even if it says semi, demi, or temporary). As stylists, we mix a perfect formula that considers underlying pigment, hair structure, hair condition and so much more. Choosing a box color is a sure way to create a permanent outcome that does not give the desired end results. It will also make it much more difficult for a stylist to perform color services on your hair in the salon. Box color is incredibly strong and becomes a barrier to a stylist, creating what we refer to as a “color correction.”  Color corrections are expensive and take extra time, which means you may not be able to receive your service in one setting, especially in light of  occupancy regulations that will be in place when salons re-open. Box color is also known to contain Carcinogens and higher volumes of peroxide, as well as many other harsh, damaging chemicals. In short, please wait for your stylist! It will make you much happier in the long run!

I got desperate and cut my own hair! How can I fix my mistakes?

More than likely you will need to wait for a stylist to fix the problem. In the meantime, instead of cutting, use this as an opportunity to try new hairstyles. If you have already taken the scissors or clippers to your hair or a loved ones, be prepared to rock a shorter “do.” Many times the only way to blend a mistake is to take away length! Instead of cutting, consider conditioning treatments to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Is this a good time to deep condition my hair? If so, how do I do that?

This is the perfect time!  A deep conditioner requires time to let the treatment sit and most of us extra time on our hands. Consult with your stylist on what product you may need. If your hair is color-treated and depleted of protein, we recommend Eufora’s Beautifying Elixirs and Moisture Masks. Add the Fortify treatment before and let it sit on clean, damp hair for at least 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and use normal styling products. This should be done over other shampoo. If your hair is feeling frizzy and dull, try an urgent repair rescue treatment. For course, curly hair, use a smoothing treatment. This is the perfect time to try new products, new treatments, and new styles!

What are some of the new hair trends emerging now?

Believe or not, putting a little hair texture is back, but it’s not your grandma’s perm! Flash Waves are a great way to enhance natural texture and create waves, but still allow for the freedom of different styling options. Curtain bangs are another hot trend!  Think of a modern version of that Farrah Faucet flip. It’s a very easy way to update your look without going for an over the top change! Long straight locks and short sassy bobs are still a staple. As far as color, the return of warm tones are here to stay. Instead of trying to make your hair ashy, think warm and sunkissed!

When will you re-open again?

May 25th is our tentative re-opening date, and we are ready to serve our guests with the utmost in health and safety practices without taking away from your relaxing experience. We are now, and have always been, trained in sanitation practices to prevent the spread of viruses, and are working hard to make sure we have taken every precaution to keep our guests as safe as possible, all while still enjoying their time with us.

Posted on 2020-06-09 by Photo by Dick Arnspiger