Corinne Miller is a Deaf-Blind Specialist with the Helen Keller National Center, serving the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky.  "My job is focusing on transition-age youth, helping them become prepared for employment and life after school," Corinne says.  "The biggest challenge is facing people's mindset that deaf-blind people CAN'T.  There's a major lack of education on the capabilities of individuals with a disability, especially deaf-blindness.  Fighting this battle is more challenging than the work I do with deaf-blind individuals." 

Through this challenging period, Corinne finds ways to keep moving forward with her outstanding work. "Corinne is our hero because she has come to our house and taught our son," says Brandi Hitzelberger. "She has no obligation to do this, but she has taken time out of her schedule to come and sit in the cold on our front porch to teach Alex supplementary lessons." For Corinne, it's a vital time for this kind of communication. "During this time, there are new obstacles that cause major isolation for deaf-blind individuals," she says. "It is a very tough time, and I am just trying to offer aid and relief in any way that I possibly can right now."

The commitment to the Deaf-Blind Community is one that Corinne takes very seriously, and she continues to be a strong advocate through any time or obstacle. "Deaf-blind individuals CAN.  They can live independently, have jobs, and have meaningful relationships.  They can do anything they set their minds to, just like you and I.  They may need to have accommodations provided to have equal access, but that doesn't mean they are incapable of greatness. Have expectations for them; they're just another human here to share this world with!”

Posted on 2020-05-15 by Rocko Jerome