"I try to be totally professional and never let anyone see me cry, but once she started, I just couldn't help it. I was so happy for her and her family." That's Candice Gentry talking about a COVID-19 patient who recently was discharged and allowed to go home, showing all signs of recovery from the virus. This result came courtesy of her treatment at Norton Healthcare in downtown Louisville, where Candice is Director of Care Coordination. 

If Candice looks familiar to you, that might be because, in her spare time, she shoots freelance photography for TOPS Louisville. You might have met her at an event, where she took your picture for inclusion on our website or magazine, but might not have known that her full-time job is one so critical even in regular times. During these times, her compassionate spirit is put to great use, finding new and inventive ways that patients under quarantine conditions can communicate with their families and making sure that doctors and nurses have access to the all-important personal protective equipment (PPE).

These days are very stressful, but Candice keeps up with her self care by continuing to go jogging and keeping her mind clear. She is also happy to come home to find that her teen son, Terral, has been stepping up to look after and spend extra time with his sister, Gentry, who is still in grade school. Candice enjoys watching them grow and notes their resiliency. "This whole situation won't last forever, I remind myself often that it won't always be like this," she says. "In the meantime, all any of us can do is our best."


Posted on 2020-05-15 by Rocko Jerome