LORI MANGUM | Gilda's Club Kentuckiana

Isolating is tough for everyone, but it’s so much more so for people with a compromised immune system,” says Lori Mangum of Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana. “Unfortunately, cancer survivors know what it’s like to feel isolated and afraid, so what we’re experiencing now only compounds those difficult feelings.”

As a result of the challenges we currently face, the folks at Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana needed to come up with a new approach to their annual lock-in. It’s an event held overnight at Gilda’s Grinstead location for kids aged 6-11 that have been affected by cancer. Instead of canceling, Lori had the idea to create a home based experience. “This challenge became an opportunity to serve even more families,” Lori says. “We delivered special lock-in boxes to almost 50 homes. The theme was Super YOU and included games, crafts, and family talking points so kids could create their own superheroes that they could then connect to themselves. The boxes also had masks, capes, and other superhero activities for everyone in each home to enjoy.”

Lori’s big heart continually makes a huge difference. She’s a cancer survivor herself and believes in doing all that she can to help others through every stage of their own experience. “At Gilda’s Club, we are all serving everyone with a cancer connection,” she says. “No matter where you might be in your journey, even if you’re in remission and are currently cancer free, there’s always a place for you here.”

Everyone at Gilda’s Club is proud to serve here in Kentuckiana. They are even giving out green light bulbs for free, for those who would like to show their support to all of us affected by COVID-19. If you need help or would like to help, please visit GCK.org.

"Isolating is tough for everyone, but its so much more so for people with a compromised immune system."

Posted on 2020-05-12 by By Dawn Anderson and Rocko Jerome • Courtesy Photos