BRET WALKER | besheargear.com

Inspired by Governor Beshear’s calming daily presence in our lives, Bret Walker found an intuitive way to help those affected by this crisis. Bret is a Software Engineer, working remotely for a California company. He also works with Code for Kentuckiana, a group that uses technology to make communities better. “Tech isn’t always used for good,” he says, “but by partnering with this team, I’m always looking for ways to be helpful.”

Bret came up with a fantastic way to contribute. “Like so many of us, I find Beshear to be very comforting,” he says. “I noticed that some of his phrases were really catching on.” Bret was inspired by WFPL’s Laura Ellis, who created a live tweet bingo game in which you get points for recurring phrases like “You can’t be doing that” or “We will get through this together.”

Bret, along with his friend Emilee Stites, took some of Beshear’s best words and created T-shirts for purchase from BeshearGear.com. 100% of the profits go to the Team Kentucky Fund, where the money will help make a big difference for those in need during these days.

“We were hoping for $1,000, but so far, this has raised $85,000,” says Bret. “It’s truly been amazing to see all of this support.”

Posted on 2020-05-12 by By Dawn Anderson and Rocko Jerome • Courtesy Photos