TIM LYVERS | COO, Green Remedy

Over the past several weeks, while we have all been social-distancing, frontline healthcare workers put their lives on the line to help those suffering from COVID-19. Together with all Louisville citizens, TOPS Louisville salutes them and their courage. We were honored and humbled to share some of their stories in our April issue.

This month, we pay tribute to unsung, everyday people who have devoted their energy, gathered resources, and even retooled businesses to help those frontline workers and others in the community stay well. These folks, nominated by our readers, recognized a local need related to the pandemic and found ways to fill it. Rocko Jerome and Dawn Anderson spent time with some of these “Hometown Heroes” to share their stories.

After many years in the security industry and selling his security integration business in 2017, Tim Lyvers joined his high school and college friend John Salsman, President of Green Remedy all-natural hemp extract CBD products. Tim’s mother had been suffering from neuropathy so acute that it made wearing shoes painful, even with two medications intended to alleviate it. John recommended Green Remedy’s Full Spectrum CBD Balm; but Tim was skeptical. After only three days of use, Tim’s mother was pain-free and able to go off of her medications. Tim eventually became Chief Operating Officer of Green Remedy.

Green Remedy products are sold in select stores and online; but when coronavirus social distancing measures were put in place in Kentucky, in-store sales dropped. Although they did see a small increase in online sales as a result, a decision was made to halt production. Fortunately, there was plenty of backstock to fill orders. Green Remedy turned their attention to what they could do to help the community, essential workers, first responders, and front line healthcare. Using a World Health Organization approved formulation and partnering with a regional distillery to source alcohol, glycerine, and water, Green Remedy uses its bottling line to produce sanitizer for hands and surfaces.

Filling the demand for sanitizer has enabled Green Remedy to not only retain employees but to hire more now and in the future. “The heroes are our employees,” says Tim. “They are rock stars who just want to fulfill the need,” even offering to work overtime to do so. Green Remedy are funding production themselves and with slim profits from the sales of larger sanitizer orders. Smaller batches are donated. The first two large orders went to a major local healthcare system. They expect to continue fulfilling hospital demand for at least 12-18 months until a coronavirus vaccine is found. Local corporations, factories, and large energy companies will continue to need sanitizer as well. The biggest challenges to their new operation are alcohol production and sourcing more bottles and caps.

Green Remedy will probably cut some farm production of hemp, even in the long-term, to extend sanitizer production alongside their CBD products for as long as the need remains. They will continue to collaborate and partner with other helpers like On Duty CBD, owned by former Special Forces veterans and led by military veterans, first responders, outdoorsmen, medical advisors and researchers. To find out how you can help, email Green Remedy at [email protected] You can also support Green Remedy by shopping at www.greenremedy.com for their CBD products, which studies show may reduce pain and inflammation, relieve stress and anxiety, and have sleep and immune system benefits.   

The heroes are our employees.They are rock stars who just want to fulfill the need.

Posted on 2020-05-12 by By Dawn Anderson and Rocko Jerome • Courtesy Photos