Dee Dee Taylor | 502 Hemp

Dee Dee Taylor of 502 Hemp is all too familiar with anxiety and panic attacks.  A former paralegal and now a holistic CBD expert,  she has devoted her life to helping others find relief in an ever increasingly stressful world.  She opened 502 Hemp Wellness Center to be the beacon of light for others suffering, and to provide solid, trustworthy knowledge.  "Most people don't know the benefit of CBD oil and how it may help," Dee Dee says." CBD oil is a hot item at the moment, but quality, integrity, and knowledge matter when purchasing CBD products." 

Let Dee Dee help you find your balance and possibly some peace during this stressful time.  If you aren't able to come into her Louisville or La Grange location, feel free to order online at www.502hemp.com or call her store at 502-654-7100 for a free consultation.

Heidi Fuller | Awakenings Boutique

Heidi Fuller is passionate about helping women living with hair loss to look their best. She is a "cancer slayer," hair loss warrior, and proud owner of Awakenings Boutique. Her mission is to make every single hair loss warrior who walks through her doors feel safe, beautiful, empowered, and confident. "Awakenings Boutique is a safe and judgment free place where you can simply just be you, with or without hair," says Heidi. "It takes a lot of courage to walk into a place and pick out your new hair, and it truly is an honor that women trust us to help them. It can be very devastating and traumatic to lose your hair. At Awakenings, we give you permission to be upset about your hair loss without feeling guilty. You are not alone, as it is estimated that 40% of women are experiencing some type of hair loss prior to turning 40."

Awakenings is known for offering the best quality and most natural looking alternative hair on the market. Heidi researches and personally hand picks every single wig and hair topper in the store. "We don't just sell wigs, we wear our wigs and wig toppers," Heidi says.  "We know how to properly maintain, wear and care for the wigs. Wearing the hair also helps us guide customers in purchasing the best wig for them."

Awakenings Boutique is located at 12121 Shelbyville Rd. For more information, visit awakenshop.com.

Cathi Bingaman | InSync with You

We're all so much busier than any average person would have been in generations past. It can be nearly impossible to strike a healthy work/life balance, but InSync with You is here to help. "To put it simply, we help our clients achieve a better quality of life by taking on the tasks that interrupt their ability to pursue their passions or enjoy their families," In Sync with You President and founder, Cathi Bingaman, says.

Your most valuable resource in life is truly your time, and In Sync with You is here to take over the tasks that keep you from living your best life. From absentee home care, household management, relocation assistance or simply running errands, partnering with In Sync with You brings new levels of freedom to your day-to-day life.

With Cathi’s background in the service and hospitality industries coupled with her organizational skills, the highly competent InSync with You team is helping people increase the freedom they deserve.

For more about what In Sync with You can do for you and how their services can improve your life, visit insyncwithyou.com. With several packages available, there's sure to be one that works best for you and your budget!

Rhonda Spencer | Realtor

Rhonda Spencer, Realtor for Schuler Bauer Real Estate Services, is licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana and is VA Certified. She's a hardworking, self motivated high achiever. “I will go above and beyond to ensure your experience will be as stress-free as possible," she says. "I genuinely want to see my clients happy and smiling. I'm fully aware that choosing to buy or sell your home can be one of the single biggest financial decisions one will ever make. I want my clients to know that I am here to guide them every step of the way. I want to use my knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry to assist them in getting the best deal possible.”

To get Rhonda working for you, reach out via  812-946-3317 or [email protected].

Tiffany Welsh | Realtor

Before Tiffany Welsh dedicated herself to making dreams come true, she had built a lucrative career in corporate consultative sales and real estate investing. "I just decided that I wanted to do something a little more hands on with clients," she says of her vocation as a realtor. Now you can find this accomplished and assertive woman working tirelessly in the service of her clients every day. "Accomplishing goals in real estate is all about that interpersonal connection. It's so much more than a business transaction, and I believe in earning that trust.“

Tiffany still finds time to be a mother of 4 and has been married to her husband, Kiel, for 13 years. To find out more about what she can do for you, please visit [email protected]

Whitney Schulten | MAGNA Pharmaceuticals

MAGNA Pharmaceuticals is unique because all of the products which bear our MAGNA logo are products that we have used personally, so we know firsthand that our products are safe and effective. I personally take four products from the MAGNA line daily,” says Whitney Schulten, Director of Communication and Business Optimization for MAGNA Pharmaceuticals. The locally owned family business is comprised of people who are committed to providing exceptional products that are dependable, safe, and affordable. They specialize in allergy, cough, and cold products as well as dietary supplements to aid in your overall health and wellbeing. "We are all about accountability," says Whitney. "We provide a personalized touch. When it comes to your health, you need someone that you can trust. That's what MAGNA Pharmaceuticals is all about."

To learn more about MAGNA and their product line, visit magnweb.com

Posted on 2020-04-06 by By Rocko Jerome | Photos by Dick Arnspiger