In the past, La-Z-Boy was known as a company for comfortable couches and chairs that one couldn’t help but get cozy. Now, though, the company founded in 1927 is known for a more modern––but still relaxing––design for all types of families. Designer Lesli Luckett sat down with Tops to talk about the latest trends in furniture, fabrics and accessories for living, dining and bedrooms, as well as how she listens to buyers’ needs to find out exactly what will look great inside their home.

New Year, New Trends

In the new year, many homeowners want to revamp their homes and start new. Lesli says she is seeing many trends in the new year, including warmer tones in fabrics, patterns and wood. She sees many homeowners come in wanting to mix cooler grays, which have continuously been popular over the last few years, and the warmer tones of accessories. Lesli says chunky textures like wools and knits are in style but working with the client’s personal style is also important.

The Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue, and Lesli says this carries over to design as well. La-Z-Boy carries lots of dark and muted blues. Abstract artwork is popular and more unique, inspired pieces are, too, says Lesli. La-Z-Boy carries many designs, including transitional, traditional, contemporary, classic and urban styles. Lesli blends customers’ pieces with her store’s items to create a “cohesive” space that’s “livable and modern.”

How Leslie Does It

La-Z-Boy’s design program helps the customer find furniture that fits their needs, according to Lesli. She then “steps in to help with space planning, solidifying fabrics and finishes, rugs, tables, lamps and accessories,” she says.

Lesli says “listening to the client is key. “I design rooms based on how they need their space to function and will incorporate their personal style to make the room(s) I’m working on flow with the rest of their home.” Lesli collaborates with clients to find out which pieces they are wanting to keep or change; she then makes selections and suggestions with those in mind.

La-Z-Boy has a selection of reclining versus stationary sofas that also come into play with decision-making, which is based on the customer’s lifestyle. Fabrics are based on this idea, too, according to Lesli. “If they have young children and pets, I will select the most durable and stain-resistant fabrics that will look good in their home,” she says.

Lesli does home visits to get an idea of the space, and then will present the client with her suggestions in-store on a television screen that projects the buyer’s actual room with La-Z-Boy products inside. If you want to work with Lesli at La-Z-Boy, contact her at 502.671.0033, by email at [email protected] or at La-z-Boy Furniture Gallery at 2921 S Hurstbourne Pkwy.

Posted on 2020-02-11 by By Taylor Riley | Photo by Dick Arnspiger