Ethan Adams and Seth Stewart

Brookstone Financial

For Ethan Adams and Seth Stewart at Brookstone Financial, financial planning is every bit an art as much as a science. Ethan has a particular analogy that he likes to use. “I’ll often ask ‘What’s the best way to put a puzzle together?’,” he says. “Most will say to start with the edges, and that’s valid. But perhaps a smarter way is to look at the picture on the box and arrange your pieces in the most efficient manner possible. If you imagine that puzzle as your plan for your financial future and generational wealth, what I do is help keep that picture clear and in a healthy condition.”

Ethan’s message is especially timely. The new year has brought new tax legislation that is going to inflict substantial change to your future wealth and legacy. It’s time to revisit and rewrite your plan, and Ethan and Seth are here to assist. “We’re here to help people make better financial decisions,” says Brook- stone President Seth Stewart. “This isn’t about trying to sell you something; we just believe that you can drive your financial future much better if you’re focusing more on what’s ahead of you through your windshield rather than gazing at your rearview mirror.”

To contact Ethan at Brookstone, email him at [email protected] com or search for “Ethan Adams Financial Planner” on Facebook.




Brian Cohoon, CFP, CRPC, AIF

Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company

Brian Cohoon is new to Commonwealth Bank & Trust, but he brings over 27 years of trust and investment company experience to the table. He’s a problem solver with the heart of a strong planner, putting a life- long interest in finance and tremendous character to work for those he serves. “This bank and trust group has a great reputation in the region. The Wealth Management Team is extremely talented and I am excited to help shine a brighter light on the value we bring to individuals, business owners and organizations in the region. Very few firms offer the total package. We have the ability to deliver integrated private banking, investment management, financial planning and generation- al trust and estate services, all under one roof.”

Aware of the trepidation and fear that many of us have about involv- ing a third party in our finances, Brian has profound words about how he and the Commonwealth Bank team can assist in these matters. “We help our clients make money and life work together. We meet them where they are – in life AND work – to develop a personal, straightfor- ward solution for their financial goals.”

The Wealth Management Division also provides unique family office services to qualified clients. With this comes access to an investment team responsible for managing over $2 billion in client accounts. We also bring talent in the areas of estate planning, risk management, tax planning, philanthropy and family governance under this umbrella. “It is enjoyable to plan with families for generations and help them finan- cially but also to help them connect their values to their valuables.”

To learn more about how Brian and the CBandT Wealth Manage- ment team can help you to establish a plan for a strong financial future, reach out to him at 502-259-2645 or [email protected]

(502) 259-2645 • CBANDT.COM



Glenn Griffin

Commonwealth Credit Union

Glenn Griffin has had a lifelong interest in accounting as well as a drive to do good things for others, and he’s combined those two passions in his career path. He took a job at Commonwealth Credit Union as a teller while he was still a college student. Now, over 16 years later, he’s still a part of that company. “It’s a diverse, community driven organization,” Glenn says. “Numbers keep the lights on, but it’s relationships that are most important at Commonwealth Credit Union.”

Glenn served the Frankfort community through Common- wealth Credit Union for 11 years, and has spent the last 5 years in Louisville. He’s brought a strong sense of organizational leadership to our city, fostering relationships with clients at all phases of their lives. “There’s a real sense of accomplishment that comes with helping people thrive financially and seeing them make their dreams come true,” he says. “I especially enjoy helping college students make the right decisions to set themselves up for a strong future. That’s a vital time, and with the right guidance, a person can come through those years with stronger credit and less debt than they had going in.” Commonwealth Credit Union is the Official Credit Union of the University of Louisville and a partner of Metro College, the program that allows UPS employees to attend school with their tuition paid in full.

Commonwealth Credit Union also offers business account services, a hidden gem in the organization. Their business accounts and lending program can serve any business at any stage. Commonwealth Credit Union is big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care. All decisions are made locally.

To put Glenn and Commonwealth Credit Union to work for you, visit




Northwestern Mutual

According to research from Northwestern Mutual, 87% of Americans agree that nothing makes them happier or more confident than feeling that their fi- nances are in order. “Our advisors find it most rewarding when they are able to play a part in relieving a person’s financial stress and anxiety,” says Dan Rivers, CFP, Managing Partner of Northwestern Mutual-Louisville. “We help our clients see how their dreams can become a reality.”

While some companies focus only on insurance and others only on invest- ment strategies, Northwestern Mutual clients can partner with an advisor who will bring a clear vision of a client’s overall financial situation. This integrated approach works to build an achievable, flexible financial plan with the right mix of insurance products and investment strategies to help clients meet their goals. “Our financial advisors work with individuals, families, and businesses to under- stand their big picture and to design a plan tailored to those goals,” he explains.

Selecting the right financial advisor is a major decision, Rivers acknowledg- es. “Find a financial partner to help you along. We are all unique - whether it’s our current financial situation or our future one, having a professional to provide outside perspective will help you create a plan to address any financial future you envision. A financial advisor can guide you to see financial blind spots and the ways to account for them.”

Northwestern Mutual is celebrating its 150th year of having an office in the central business district of Louisville. “It’s a legacy we see continuing long into the future, as we continue to help families plan for today and tomorrow,” says Meg Gatti, Chief Marketing Officer.

This photograph features a small representation of the qualified and creden- tialed financial professionals at Northwestern Mutual-Louisville. The company is proud to acknowledge them, as well as others throughout its offices in Kentucky and Indiana. Through ongoing education and development, they continue to show strong dedication to their clients.

(502) 562-2400 • LOUISVILLE.NM.COM



Chris Risher

Revolutionary Financial Group

“The goal of retirement is to buy time with what we have saved. Unfortunately, most people haven’t saved up enough time to enjoy the fruits of their labor,” says Chris Risher Senior Advisor at Revolutionary Financial Group. “Planning for one’s future is extremely important. From my life’s experience, I’ve seen friends lose almost everything because of an ill-timed death. I’ve seen many struggle late in life because of bad -or no- financial advice. I’ve experienced things that no one plans for that happen.” Advisers like Chris are not one size fits all. “I am unique to my clients’ needs,” he says. “I work with a team of experts. I can’t know it all, so I work with a team that does. I’ve spent 20 years finding answers for those willing to act upon the educated advice I give; I truly want to help clients to succeed.”




Bruce Corwin

Ross, Sinclaire & Associates, LLC (RSA)

Bruce Corwin truly cares about his clients and is devoted to looking out for their best interests. “As a CFP®, I help people to define their financial goals clearly and then guide them on a course to reach those goals,” Bruce says. He’s a Certified Financial Planner® and Wealth Management SpecialistSM with over 30 years of experience helping clients make prudent deci- sions. “There’s a perception that financial and retirement planning is difficult, scary, or stressful. In reality, by informing and educating my clients and working together with them on planning and investment selection, I bring them great peace of mind and reduce worry. I treat my clients as I would a family member and enjoy taking time to explain financial topics in plain English.” To put Bruce to work for you, you can contact him at (502) 491-3132 or [email protected]

RSA Asset Management is a division of Ross, Sinclaire & Associates, LLC (RSA). RSA is a registered broker-dealer, a municipal securities dealer/advisor registered with the MSRB, an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and a member of FINRA, and SIPC. Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training. Investment Products are Not FDIC Insured, Offer No Bank Guarantee, May Lose Value.

(502) 491-3132 • RSANET.COM



Dacia Grimes, CPA and Calinda Young

WealthCare Investments & Insurance, LLC

“We are in the business of helping people keep as much of their hard- earned money in their own pocket as possible,” says Calinda Young. She and her partner, Dacia Grimes, CPA, partner at WealthCare Investments & Insurance, LLC. They make big differences for their clients every day. “We don’t necessarily cater only to women, but it is our passion to work with ladies from baby boomers through millennials,” Dacia says. “Even today, women are not exposed to money matters as much as their male counter- parts, often deferring their financial decisions early on to parents and then to their spouse. It is our mission to empower these women to make good financial decisions as well as save and plan for their future in order to enjoy the freedom that being financially sound affords.”

“Ask yourself these questions,” Calinda suggests, “Did you know there is health insurance without deductibles? Who is protecting your paycheck? Business owners, what’s your exit strategy? Where does the bulk of my money go in retirement?” Dacia adds, “Have you considered using your required minimum distribution to donate to an eligible charity? How much of your nest egg is taxable? How do you know you have enough money for retirement? Is your beneficiary information up to date?”

“We are very involved in many non-profit organizations such as Impact 100, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Women in Insurance & Financial Services, and Twisted Pink- giving back to the community that has supported us,” Calinda says. “It’s not always about what you get, but what you can give.”

To put these women to work for you, call 502-410-3465 or visit wealth-



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