At a young age Christi Mack, then Christi Hester, was quite the basketball prodigy at Holy Cross high school. She could dribble like a Globetrotter, pass without having to look at her teammates and she could score from anywhere on the court. These days Christi Mack, the wife of Louisville basketball coach Chris Mack, cleans up dribble from her youngest, Brayden; passes on nights out on the town with friends and scores great deals for her family.

Christi Mack has traded her gifted athletic skills for the skills of motherhood and CEO of the Mack household. That CEO status includes making executive decisions that concern all three children: Lainee, a freshman volleyball player at Sacred Heart, Hailee, an 8th grader, and soon-to-be 5 year old Brayden, both at St. Mary’s.

“The biggest challenge we have is getting the kids quality time with their dad,” Christi said. “With Chris’s busy schedule, he may be on the road or swamped with commitments so we will build in blocks of time for the kids to be with him. For example, he’s taken the girls on recruiting trips one at a time. We are always looking for opportunities for Brayden to spend quality time with him. After a couple of days without Dad around, Brayden really misses him.”

This super mom has traded her athletic gifts for the gift of motherhood and she’s thriving with it. Here’s what she had to say about a number of topics including the growth of the Mack Family Foundation, her ties to the community, and instilling the values and character traits that they deem most important for their children.

What’s the best advice you received as a young mother and the best advice you can give a young mother?

This comes from Amy Miller (wife of Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller). She told me, and this may sound a little odd, but she told me that if I don’t count on Chris, I won’t be disappointed. Don’t hold him to a standard that he simply cannot accomplish due to his schedule and commitments. Chris is an awesome dad. He makes all of us a priority and I think people see that on his social media platforms. He’s really good at making time for all of the kids and the family.

As far as advice to give a young mother, that’s simple: you’re not perfect and don’t judge yourself based on what other moms are doing. But, use the examples and advice from other moms that you think will help you and your family.

What do you want to accomplish as a mother and as a leader in the household?

As the girls are in 8th and 9th grades currently, and Brayden about to turn 5 in December, I want to continue to be a mom to them, not their best friend. I don’t have a laptop or iPad, but my phone is my world as far as keeping our family schedule.

Along those lines, it’s important to me to lead the kids in a direction where they don’t judge themselves based on, or get wrapped up in social media.

After meeting the needs of the kids, number one on the list of things I want to accomplish is growing The Mack Family Foundation. The city of Louisville is important to me. I grew up in an area where there is a need for help. I want to serve those communities that need it most.

Our foundation mission statement: ‘The Mack Family Foundation is a family-fueled Foundation whose mission is to serve, inspire and help less fortunate children in Metro-Louisville.’ We’ve had great success (with the Foundation) in the past and we’re excited about our upcoming calendar of events all around Louisville.

We’re super fortunate to have a great Board of Directors who are clued-in to the needs of our community. They are connecting us with great people who will help us reach kids from toddlers up through 6th grade. Our kids totally understand what it means to give back and to serve in their community. They’ve really taken our Foundation to heart. They’re seeing the impact that our reading initiatives are having on the kids that The Mack Family Foundation is serving.

Our newest program that Chris has been really passionate about is giving kids a Louisville basketball game experience. How many kids drive by the YUM! Center in a car or on a bus and never get the chance to step inside and see it? We’re giving 20 kids that opportunity for five different games this year. The kids get to sit and talk to Chris and spend time getting a game experience.

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Posted on 2019-12-04 by By Paul Najjar | Photo by Danny Alexander