We continue with Part Two of a planned three-part series covering in detail a complete, head-to-toe makeover for TOPS Louisville Sales Manager and Associate Editor, Kathy Thuerbach.

Kathy is a former Purdue Golden Girl and Laker Girl who has raised three grown children and maintained a successful career in advertising sales, marketing, and media. Following removal of a pituitary tumor and the resulting necessary steroid medication, Kathy was left with physical changes that began to affect her self-esteem. At this stage in her life and career, she has managed to find the time to take better care of herself physically and mentally. Because she is not a good candidate for traditional elective plastic surgery, Kathy has undergone minimally-invasive and purely cosmetic procedures to bring back the youth and vitality to which she had been accustomed most of her life.

In September, for Part One of this series in our October issue, Kathy underwent InMode Facetite, Accutite, and Morpheus8 procedures using the Bodytite Pro machine and radio-frequency assisted lipolysis and fractional microneedling from Dr. Juan Quintero of JQ Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa in St. Matthews. These procedures contour and resurface the skin of face and neck. Kathy also received a sassy modern shag bob haircut, and lovely autumnal hair coloring from Eufora educator Mikhail Schulz of J. Michael’s Spa & Salon, also in St. Matthews.

October saw Kathy return to J. Michael’s Spa & Salon for eyebrow microblading by Master Stylist/Makeup Artist/Lash Artist and PhiBrows brow expert Carrie Minotti and lash extensions by Innovative Stylist/Theatrical Design Specialist/Makeup Artist Mikhail Schulz. For many women, grooming and penciling their eyebrows is the most time-consuming step of their makeup routine. This is because the eyebrows frame the face and can make a major difference in appearance. Microblading eliminates the need for that time-consuming step for up to two years. In fact, Kathy says, “The medications I take have caused my eyebrows to thin out dramatically, so the microblading helped define my eyes more immediately.“ The process is minimally invasive, only slightly sensitive and/or uncomfortable, and involves the following four stages: measuring, numbing, creating hair strokes, and letting color process. Six- to eight-week touch-ups are highly recommended. This process is available for those with no brows to thick brows. The initial session takes three to four hours and touch-ups last for one hour.

The eyebrow ink color is chosen in consultation with the technician and is matched to eyebrow color, not hair color. The ink colors are only available in neutral tones, preventing them from turning out too warm or too cool on any skin tone. The eyebrow shape is determined using the Phi (or Golden) Ratio. This is a mathematical, proportional concept that can be naturally occurring in human DNA, animals, and plants has been used for centuries to achieve “divine” or “perfect” proportions in art, architecture, business, music, and theology. This ensures that the resulting eyebrow shape will be the most flattering toward the framing of the face.

Following the initial microblading session, aftercare is extremely important and can extend desired results which can save money on long-term touch-ups. The brows go through a “wet heal” process for the first eight days, which involves hourly cleaning the first day and cleaning five times a day for the next seven days. This prevents the eyebrows from drying out, crusting and scabbing, which could result in shedding the ink that was applied. There are further instructions detailed by the technician and included in written form along with a healing chart to take home. The technician is also available for any follow-up questions. Carrie received her eleven-level PhiBrow training and official certification in Miami, Florida. For more information and to book a free, fifteen-minute consultation, visit As part of the initial consultation, clients such as Kathy receive a complete list of pre-procedure and topical anesthetic advice, any contraindications, after-care instructions, and a pricing breakdown.

Stylist Mikhail Schulz of J. Michael’s Spa & Salon, who cut and colored Kathy’s hair for Part One of our series last month, also gave Kathy eyelash extensions this month. Eyelash extensions are another semi-permanent service, adding definition, length, and volume to the lashes with minimal effort and upkeep on the part of the client. Eyelash extensions are applied individually and are completely customizable. They can mimic the look of at least two coats of mascara. At J. Michael’s they specialize in the use of Minkys Eyelash Extensions. Minkys is the top professional company for eyelash extension training workshops and professional products. Minkys training covers preparation, safe application, product knowledge, health and safety, design techniques, and aftercare guidance. Their products range from more natural looking lashes to fanning lashes to fantasy and glitter lashes. “I love my new lashes!  They are very natural looking and really make my eyes pop. They’re easy to maintain, and who isn’t about ‘easy’?”  The next day, Mikhail Schulz freshened Kathy’s color and added custom-colored human hair extensions to increase the volume of her very fine hair.  The extensions are taped in between two layers of hair and last 4-6 weeks before needing to be moved up the hair shaft. “Wow!  This is what it’s like to have a lot of hair!  Easy to care for and style, I love having more voluminous hair.” Mikhail also did a makeup application using Jane Iredale Makeup. “The versatility of this line allows me to do every day looks, as well as over-the-top looks, on my guests.  And it’s the cleanest makeup on the market!” Kathy also had a great mani-pedi at J. Michael’s done by Jordyn Carnes.

As explained in Part One of our series, Kathy underwent a minimally invasive facial contouring and resurfacing procedure using InMode’s Morpheus8 fractional microneedling with Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis. Kathy recently received further treatment using this same process. Dr. Quintero also used Radiesse, a dermal filler for moderate to severe facial folds around the nose and mouth, otherwise known as “marionette” lines. This filler helps stimulate collagen production and can last as long as twelve to eighteen months, more than doubling the effects of Juvederm or Restylane. For the finer lines such as crow’s feet, forehead lines and the glabella lines between the eyes, a botulinum toxin alternative to Botox called Dysport was injected to relax the facial muscles beneath the skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance with more immediate results. Dr. Quintero also did a lip filler, Versa, to create a more symmetrical and fuller top lip, keeping a natural look to them. According to Kathy, “These injectibles made a HUGE difference in my face. Combined with the Morpheus8 and AccuTite, I feel that I look 10 years younger! I actually have people stopping me to ask what I use on my skin!”

About a week later, Aesthetician Brittany Wesson performed dermaplaning and a HydraFacial on Kathy as well. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that is essentially a face-shaving technique of the skin’s surface using a surgical scalpel. The procedure removes dead skin and vellus hair, otherwise known as peach fuzz, leaving the skin brighter and more receptive to skin care products and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Brittany says, “It is a great prep for other skin treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling, or dermabrasions.”

HydraFacial involves a patented, proprietary vacuum delivery system and serums in a three-step, thirty-minute process. Step One is cleansing and peeling to gently exfoliate and resurface. Step Two is extraction and hydration to clean out pores and intensel moisturize the skin. Step Three fuses and protects the skin with antioxidants and peptides for a youthful glow. The results improve skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, firmness level, dark spots, discoloration, and pore congestion. “Suitable for all skin types, this rejuvenating treatment is gentle, non-invasive, and effective immediately. There is no downtime following the treatment.”

Dr. Juan Luis Quintero of JQ Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa and his staff once again performed all of these procedures with the same skill and care for which they have become known. In addition to Dr. Quintero and Aesthetician Brittany Wesson, the team includes Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Bridget Gary Hart, Aesthetician Danielle Overton, Patient Care Coordinator Natalie Loreti, and Billing & Insurance Coordinator Stephanie Goodman.


athy also had a fashion consultation with RaeShanda Johnson Lockhart, owner and fashion designer of All is Fair in Love and Fashion (AIF).  RaeShanda consulted with Kathy about her daily life, and along with her complexion, hair and lifestyle, was able to find fashions that work perfectly for her. Kathy is shown here in one of the stylings that RaeShanda chose for her.

Stay tuned for Part Three, our final installment of this exciting transformation in the life of a very deserving wife, mother, and career woman: ““I feel so much more confident in my appearance! These folks are all true artists. I can’t thank Dr. Quintero and his staff, the staff at J. Michael’s Salon and fashion stylist RaeShanda Lockhart at AIF enough! I’m energized and feeling like a much more confident version of myself!”  TOPS will be showing you the final “Before and After” looks in our February issue!

Posted on 2019-11-13 by By Dawn Anderson | Photos by Danny Alexander and Dick Arnspiger