The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) awarded Lexington-based beer distributor Kentucky Eagle, Inc. the 2019 Public Affairs Award during its 82nd Annual Convention and Tradeshow in Las Vegas. Kentucky Eagle, Inc. was honored for its efforts to create a comprehensive rebranding campaign that sought to educate the public about the critical role of beer distributors. This annual award recognizes a company that goes above and beyond to find innovative and creative ways to promote the beer distribution industry.

“Kentucky Eagle Inc, under the leadership of Tate Sherman, executed a one-of-a-kind rebranding campaign that seeks to educate the community about the role of distributors,” said Craig Purser, NBWA president and CEO. “This award is a testament to the company and its employee’s skill and commitment to the industry. We are so proud of Tate Sherman and her team at Kentucky Eagle, Inc.”

Kentucky Eagle Inc. is a family-owned company that was founded in 1948. For its 70th anniversary, the company commissioned a comprehensive rebranding campaign. Kentucky Eagle analyzed the most significant issues facing the industry, including self-distribution, attacks on the three-tier system and general unawareness, and created a strategy to communicate its rich history and the story of beer distributors.

The company’s rebrand established new core values, including teamwork, accountability, integrity and community, and embraced that they are family-owned and -operated. Kentucky Eagle’s campaign also highlighted distributors’ continued commitment to keeping shelves and taps stocked with a wide variety of beers. Most notable, however, was the decision to completely re-wrap Kentucky Eagle Inc.’s trucks. Now, when a Kentucky Eagle truck is on the road making its deliveries, it has the company’s new branding and slogans.

“We are so humbled to be recognized by NBWA this year,” said Tate Sherman, president of Kentucky Eagle Inc. “We saw a need to educate our community about our role and had some fun along the way. Kentucky Eagle hopes that this will serve as a model and other distributors will follow suit.”

Posted on 2019-11-12 by Courtesy Photo