When Robin McKiernan turned 50, she started thinking about having a facelift “sooner rather than later, because I wanted to enjoy the results for a longer period of time,” she says. She contemplated the decision for five years and chose Alexander Digenis, M.D. as her surgeon. He owns Digenis Plastic Surgery Institute, which is located in the Norton Healthcare Pavilion.

As a registered nurse herself, Robin knows all about medical safety. She felt completely safe in Dr. Digenis’ care and she liked the fact that he performs his surgeries in a hospital setting and not a surgery center. “I had better results than even I anticipated,” she says. “The recovery was straightforward because Dr. Digenis' techniques minimize swelling, bruising and overall discomfort. He's even coined it as the Digenis Refresher Lift. I was back to work after two weeks, in fact.”

Before the procedure, she looked tired all the time even though she felt young and energetic on the inside. “After the facelift, I had a renewed sense of my youth. I feel energized and want to take better care of myself,” she says. “The beauty of Dr. Digenis' facelifts is that they truly rejuvenate your face and leave you with a natural, refreshed appearance without looking pulled or overdone. And you know what I'm talking about when you think someone looks overdone.”

People do not know Robin has had a facelift unless she tells them and that's exactly what she wanted. “And reversing the aging process is such a boost to my psyche,” she says.

Dr. Digenis wants people to wonder why his patients look so good, not that their face looks weird or funny, which is why he will never do experimental procedures or jump on popular bandwagons, and he has never used textured implants that are now controversial. Safety is the most important aspect of plastic surgery and Dr. Digenis requires the science to back each technique and products for his patients. "I'm faithful to aesthetic procedures like Hydrafacial, Microdermabrasions, Botox and Dermal Fillers,” says Robin.

“The best part of Robin's results is how natural and refreshed she looks and how quickly her recovery time was,” he said. “Having trained in New York, where many cosmetic surgery techniques were developed and have now evolved, I strive to make people look natural and not overdone. That's why I call these facelifts the Digenis Refresher.”

Dr. Digenis received his surgical training at Vanderbilt University, one of the more rigorous surgery programs in the country. He completed a fellowship in plastic surgery at New York University and at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Prior to starting his own clinic in 1999, Dr. Digenis was a clinical professor in the plastic surgery department at UofL. He modeled his own practice after the prestigious New York boutique-style cosmetic offices. With a team of experienced medical staff who share his commitment and passion to providing the utmost in medical care, Dr. Digenis makes sure each patient gets customized, individual care and attention.

Robin has been so enthusiastic about every treatment received as a long-time patient of Digenis Plastic Surgery Institute, she now works there as a Nurse Injector.

“Education, safety and care are the pillars for every patient,” says Robin. “Dr. Digenis is a consummate artist both inside and outside the surgical examination room and my results are not unusual when you see his patients. You can expect this level of care and natural results when Dr. Digenis is your plastic surgeon.”

Posted on 2019-11-12 by By Kathie Stamps | Photo by Dick Arnspiger