In 2002, Kendra Scott began making jewelry in her bedroom. Carrying her infant son with her, she sold the jewelry door to door in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Finally, a small boutique bought all the pieces she had made. Her first collection was a demonstrable success and catapulted the young designer into a billion-dollar enterprise now known simply as Kendra Scott. Kendra is now the Chairman, CEO, and lead designer of Kendra Scott, LLC. and in 2017 she was named Earnst & Young’s National Entrepreneur of the Year.

According to Cat Salter, marketing and philanthropic manager for Kendra Scott in Kentucky, the entrepreneur wasn’t an overnight sensation. Her first business, the Hat Box, specialized in comfortable but stylish hats designed for women going through chemotherapy treatment and a portion of the proceeds were donated to cancer research. Although that venture proved unsuccessful, she gained valuable experience and was following her passion for building her own company.

A lot of people don’t realize that in addition to fashion jewelry,we have fine jewelry – truediamonds, and gold, silver and rose gold

Scott embraces the core values of family, fashion and philanthropy in the privately held company. “For her, family extends beyond her husband and two sons. She thinks of her employees as family, and the employees think of each other as family. That sense of family also applies to our customers. When you walk into our stores, we want you to feel part of the family,” says Salter.

“With our fashion jewelry you have ontrend style, modern and fresh designs, and high quality at an affordable price point. But  a lot of people don’t realize that in addition to fashion jewelry, we have fine jewelry – true diamonds, and gold, silver and rose gold,” she continues. The Kendra Scott line isn’t limited to jewelry but also includes jewelry boxes, candles, frames, mirrors and geodes. “They’re a way to integrate little luxuries into your life. Some of our frames are customizable so that you can carry your personality throughout your home.”

Color Bar by Kendra Scott is a unique design element that allows an individual to create her own bracelet, earrings, ring or necklace by choosing from more than thirty stones in different colors, and three metals – silver, gold and rose gold. Color Bar parties, complete with sweets and champagne, pair guests with a stylist to design custom jewelry at bachelorette gatherings, birthday parties and other celebrations.

The Kendra Scott philanthropic mission has been responsible for more than 8,000 fundraising and awareness events and  donates in excess of $5 million annually to local and national causes through the Kendra Gives Back initiative. That program invites community members to host in-store events for causes and organizations focusing on health and wellness, education, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Holley Day, on October 13, is a particularly important day for Kendra Scott. “We’re honoring Kendra’s friend, Holley Kitchen, who passed away from Metastatic Breast Cancer, by funding an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat (for families with a parent facing terminal cancer). We’ll be raising money in-store through sales from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Charm Necklace, and the Holley Day national giveback of 20% from store and web sales to fund the Retreat experiences,” says Salter. The Louisville Kendra Scott retail store is located in Oxmoor Center.

Another component of the Kendra Scott philanthropic endeavors will also take place during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For every piece of the special Breast Cancer Assortment purchased during the month, Kendra Scott will gift a piece of rose quartz jewelry and a handwritten note towomen touched by breast cancer. 