It may still be scorching out, but autumn is right around the corner. And with the changing of the seasons, you should know 

that your skin can also change with the color of the leaves. Two skincare experts reveal what you should do to protect your largest organ, plus give the best products and procedures for colder weather. 

With colder weather, you should r member to add moisturizing products to your routine. The air can be cooler, causing the skin’s natural protective barrier to be stripped. This means that skin can be inflamed and itchy from broken blood vessels, or blisters can rise up from underneath the surface. Also, certain skin conditions can flare up, such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. 

The first thing to do as the seasons change is to cue the moisture, as in a good, non-greasy lotion. 502 Hemp CEO and Founder Dee Dee Taylor suggests products that are all-natural, chemical free and have no preservatives. Products with the cannabinoid compound like CBD soap, topical lotions and bath bombs are really good for moisturizing dry and sensitive skin. “CBD and hemp seed oil have moisturizing benefits that are second to none,” Dee Dee says. “Chemical-free products are overall better for us.” 

For those suffering with psoriasis and acne, the topical hemp root salve helps with inflammation and also arthritis pain and wrinkle prevention. And if you want a relaxing night and to destress, Dee Dee suggests a natural skin mask. “If you’re really wanting to have a nice night, get your face mask and bath bomb on,” she says. 

The winter months are also good for certain long-term skin procedures, according to Janelle Willoughby, medical esthetician for The Skin Group. She says it’s imperative to “refresh the skin after the summer.” 

With a season change, Janelle sees an influx of customers with brown or sun spots and broken capillaries. To “clean up anything new that developed over the summer” to the skin, she suggests a series of facial visits; The Skin Group offers the IPL photo facial to “even out the skin.” The VIPeel, designed for darker skin types, sheds away pigmentation and dry skin. “Fall is a great time to get back into procedures that may be sun sensitive,” she says. 

Janelle suggests topical products infused with antioxidants to get a “glow” in the fall. “As the season starts to change and heat turns on in homes, be mindful of hydration of the skin,” she says. 

Men often aren’t as mindful when it comes to their skin, but Janelle says they, too, need to exfoliate and hydrate. “We typically try to get them to pack more punch with less things.,” Janelle says. “Trends have been changing, lots of men coming to us to be more proactive.”


Mositurize: Choose all-natural, vitamin enriched facial cream that's both thick and mild. 

Protect your skin from the elements: Always use SPF even if it's cold out. Remember to apply to the face, tops of ears, backs of hands and use a lip balm.

Ward off flaky skin: Remember to use warm, instead of hot, water when bathing and always use a light lotion after you get done.

Alter your diet: Drink more water during colder months, because your skin is robbed of moisture during this time. Replenish your skin's natural oils by incorporating omega-3 and omega-6 into your diet. 


Posted on 2019-09-06 by Taylor Riley