We've come to often expect that with age as well as wear and tear, aches and pains are unavoidable. We reckon with the idea that sometimes invasive surgery on our backs and limbs could become a necessity. However, what if there was a way to minimize or even prevent these maladies and surgical solutions? Rocko Jerome brings us insight from the experts. 

“The main thing that we want people to understand is that they have options to feel their best in a holistic manner," says Dr.James Harding, founder of Core Chiropractic. "When we focus on the root causes instead of just the symptoms, our bodies can heal naturally." 

Dr. Harding, who had been a prime mov- er and shaker in the corporate world, didn't initially believe there was much to the holistic approach to health. His wife, Jennifer, regularly visited a chiropractor, but he didn't see the benefits...even though she did. "I kind of teased her and gave her a hard time about it," he admits. "I knew I felt better," Jennifer says, "so I was unbothered. I'm just glad that he came around." 

Come around he did- after returning to school at age 31, Dr. Harding would open CORE a few years later. He heads a team of authorities in their field, who impact lives every day, healing injuries and prevent- ing them from worsening. It has become a preeminent spot for those seeking to end pain, maintain health, or reach their optimal state. "We have a lot more control over our bodies than we often realize," Dr. Harding says. "We're here to facilitate healing, and we are actively engaged in that process."

The Hardings have devoted themselves to serving and helping others to live a fuller life through stretching, exercising, massage, physical therapy, and neurofeedback...and avoiding going under the knife. CORE offers a wide variety of services, including massage therapy, a gym, and physical therapy, all from a team of dedicated professionals. "When you're in proper alignment, everything in your body is operating at a heightened level," Dr. Harding says. "I believe that what we have to offer are some of the keys to a happy and healthy life. We're here to serve you and help you reach your fullest potential.”

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