Wiltshire At The Speed is much more than a museum cafe. Their artful cuisine can be enjoyed during a quick lunch break or the grandest evening gala hosting hundreds. 

Wiltshire welcomes guests for brunch enjoying Owsley Sundays, when admission is free to all, and on 3rd Friday date nights before or after a special program, performance, or show at Speed Cinema. Chef Reed Johnson is excited by new opportunities and unique challenges that come with running what is essentially a full-service restaurant, bar, and catering program. 

Chef Johnson graduated from Sullivan University with culinary and business management degrees. He has worked in top restaurants and for the best restaurant companies in Louisville. Wiltshire has been a great fit for Chef Reed, as owner Susan Hershberg is committed to supporting local farmers, seasonal food programs, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Wiltshire Pantry Inc. includes the original Wiltshire Pantry Bakery and Cafe on Barret Avenue in the Highlands and Wiltshire At The Speed Art Museum. 636 Market LLC, Susan’s other company, manages the restaurant Wiltshire on Market. 

A museum location presents limitless inspiration for creative culinary expression and a variety of events that require a wide range of logistical solutions. Wiltshire At The Speed serves up themed menus to match events and exhibits, such as the recent Hunter S. Thompson After Hours at The Speed which was held in conjunction with GonzoFest Lousville. Such 3rd Friday events can feature art demonstrations, Museum Store sales, pop-up shops, workshops, special exhibits, musical performances, and Speed Cinema films. 

Whether a table for two, a corporate function, or a lavish wedding, Wiltshire At The Speed accommodates special requests while maintaining consistency in quality. They pro- vide anything from concession-style snacks out of a mobile kitchen at the Cinema to sit-down dinners requiring elaborate staging and plating. Yet, there is a level of intimacy and thoughtfulness in each dish. Chef Reed likes to think of himself and his staff as “mad scientists” who draw inspiration from the art all around them every day. They enjoy researching artists’ favorite foods and the geographic regions in which they lived and worked. For example, a botanical-themed exhibit conjured ideas beyond edible flowers: extracts, vinaigrettes, and candies to make Wonka proud. 

Wiltshire At The Speed is proud to feature here caprese and watermelon salads, bison burger sliders, and a classic cacio e pepe. Delight all the senses before, during, and after the show.

Posted on 2019-09-06 by Dawn Anderson