Kosair Kids®  knows the power that the arts have on the community. For four years, Kosair Charities and Fund for the Arts have engaged hundreds of youth in the arts at many different community-based organizations in Louisville. Taylor Riley brings insight on this fantastic cause.

“Our kids face special challenges in their life,” Keith Inman, president of Kosair Charities, says. “The arts are a vehicle to enhance inclusion...it is a learning platform where all people are equal and a very important piece of their development.” 

Kosair Charities awarded multiple grants this year, totaling several hundred thousand dollars, according to Inman. “We look at the arts community and where we can spend our funds wisely,” Keith says. Arts grants and sponsorships in recent years have included StageOne Family Theatre, Louisville Visual Arts, Commonwealth Theatre Center and Actors Theatre. A multi-year grant was given to Fund For the Arts, which allows children to participate in programs like the Louisville Youth Choir, Louisville Visual Arts, and more. 

“The arts means something different to every one of us,” Keith says. “Music, museums, performing arts ... it is in our core fabric. Arts brings us all together and creates and enhances a community. It enhances our ability to grow and get through difficult situations.” 

Kosair Charities, the largest charity for children in the history of Kentucky and Southern Indiana, wants to make sure all the kids in these programs have access to the arts. “We want to help every child overcome every obstacle,” Keith says. “To find creative ways to help our kids grow; arts is just one of them. Kosair Charties is the last remaining community chest for the kids and a job we take very seriously.” 

Posted on 2019-09-06 by Taylor Riley