Todd and Denise Hadley like home projects, but they took on quite a task when they moved into their current home. "My wife and I downsized from a bigger house. Our home here in New Albany was built around mid-century, it's a Gunnison home in a su division," Todd says. He's referring to the type of pre-fab houses that were all the rage during World War II and after. Affordable and sturdy, they've been around for generations...but this one needed a little work.

Luckily, the Hadleys found reliable friends at the PC Home Store. "Brent Cox is awesome," Todd says of his main consultant at the store. "PC has been very helpful, they made great suggestions starting with our windows and then on to add ons we've been doing since. I always know that I can call them up and get everything that I need. Every step of the way, PC offers counsel and provides the goods."

Much of the house is a work in progress, but the bathroom is ready to show off. It fea- tures a Craftsman-style look overall, includ- ing printed tile and marble top on just about everything. A designer at PC handled every little piece of the puzzle- from working with the Hadleys to create a concept to ordering every necessary element, right down to the caulking. The vision became a reality thanks to a thoroughly personal experience, and the Hadleys could not be prouder.

PC Home Store isn’t just renowned among do it yourselfers. Leslie Lewis Sheets, IIDA,CID,RID of LL&A Interior Design marks 2019 as her 34th year in design. It's something that has been of interest to her since she was around the age of 12, and it's been a singular drive for her throughout her illustrious professional life. "I know this business well-It's all I've ever done," she says of the passion that she's made a vocation. Her clients love her and her work; her reputation is top notch and she's regarded for her hard work and the love that she brings to every project.

Leslie works with her clients every day to make their home and office design dreams come true, and PC Home Store is an important piece of her process. "In my opinion, they truly are the go to design center in our metro area," she says. "It's a one stop shop with a diverse showroom where you can really see, touch, and feel everything from cabinetry to floors to lighting." She also notes that PC Home Store has a fantastic staff. "You can tell that PC rewards loyalty because there's very low turn-over, and also, everyone there is very outgoing and engaging. Members of their salesteam will even go out with me to sites and they always provide excellent insight and feedback. It’s always a collaborative effort."

Posted on 2019-09-06 by Rocko Jerome