The East Market District, or NULU, is an area of town unlike any other. This mix of hip, local, vintage, and contemporary atmosphere is keeping Louisville’s unique spirit alive. NULU is not only the home of many local favorite restaurants, but it’s also the home of Six Sisters Boutique. In August 2017, Owner Katie Meinhart saw an open space on E Market Street and decided to take a chance. “My husband and I don’t have any kids, so we decided to make this our baby and went for it!” Katie shares. Now two years in the making, Six Sisters continues to thrive surrounded by support and encouragement in NULU.

So, how did Six Sisters come to be? Katie’s love for retail began in high school in her first job. By the time she turned 25, she had started her boutique; as she had been in the retail business for almost eight years. Katie shares that she had a wonderful mentor and boss at her previous job and was able to learn a lot about small businesses from her. This inspired her to venture off and create her own magic. 

“Because of the name, most people assume we’ve all started this business together, but that’s not the case,” Katie shares. “We are a unique family of mostly small business owners, and each has our passions.” While Katie is the only owner, her family does have a heavy hand in the store. With a sister in banking, catering, and modeling all have such a unique style, and Katie loves incorporating it all into the store’s vibe.

Katie believes that NULU was the best place to start her new business. She shares that the business owners are hardworking and incredibly driven to make NULU amazing. Each store has something unique to offer, “For myself and my husband, it’s a little slice of heaven with all locally curated shops and restaurants.” NULU is crucial to her because it allows people to see Downtown Louisville and the outskirts as a welcoming and thriving place to live, work, and entertain.

This August, Six Sisters Boutique turns two!

One thing Katie has taken away throughout this journey is to remember to stick to your guns. While it’s essential to believe in yourself, you want to be sure you are surrounded by a positive support team to be able to lean on them when you need to. 

Check out Six Sisters in-store at 804 E Market Street or online at


Check out Six Sisters in-store at 804 E Market Street or online at

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