It is no secret that Yoga is having a "moment" in American society.  This 5,000-year-old practice is on trend with images and video on every social media platform. The attraction is inner peace and finding a healthier way to live in our society. 

The photographs can bring about curiosity; many people that I have instructed have been skeptical to go to a class and step on the mat for the first time. Can you contort your body to that pose? Will you be able to release all of your work stress for an hour? 

It's possible. 

I stepped onto my mat for the first time in 2011, and I can safely say that I had the same hesitations.  Now, eight years later and a registered yoga instructor, I can say the benefits outweigh all of the uncertainties.  Yoga can bring so many benefits to various aspects of your life, including your work life.

Increasing your mobility while engaging key muscles can help the body feel more energized and a decreased level of stress because Yoga is a mental practice and a physical challenge.

What you may find when pivoting your awareness inward is that you can offer yourself more gratitude. With higher levels of appreciation come high levels of self-awareness and lower levels of your unconscious ego.  

There is something special that happens when people enter a room to practice the same movements and breathe together.  Their energies and personal experiences within the practice can be one that brings them together both on and off their mats.  

Studies have shown that Yoga within the workplace can reduce absentee rates, boost company morale, and lower workplace conflict.  Yoga can help lower levels of aggression in an office setting and have shown an increase in productive work and activities.       

Whether you chose to step on your mat today or a year from today, know that your practice is your journey and one to be honored and cherished as you release your stress from work to find a zen space for inner-peace.


Posted on 2019-08-02 by Brittany Swan | Courtesy Photo