"Hopefully, by having my kids see what their mom does, by coming into the store and asking questions, being involved, they can see that and model it in their own lives." Ashley Davis is Vice President of Davis Jewelers, well-known in Louisville for their high quality and esteemed customer service. She is a SuperMom by any standards, running a successful business, and raising a family. Ashley was born and raised in Louisville but attended Indiana University. A true Louisvillian at heart, she says she "Never imagined living anywhere other than Louisville."

When asked about any advice she has for teenage girls and college students when it comes to being successful in their future careers; "So many people go to college not knowing what we want to do- it's ok." She studied Communications while at IU- with a Studio Art minor. However, she believes that having a drive and passion will lead you to success in whatever you choose.

The critical thing, Davis says, is to pursue something you feel joy and excitement about. For her, she wasn't always set on being a part of the family business, but she loved how working in jewelry has allowed her to witness and play a role in important moments in people's lives, helping them to find what they are looking for.  Her goals involve "Not just selling but focusing on building relationships."

For women in business- those who are following their dreams professionally while raising children- Davis believes that one of the biggest things to learn is "Adapting to things that don't come naturally to you… to become more successful," she says. It can be more comfortable, she says, to balance your family and your career when you have a strong vision that a team can follow. "It does take a village."

As for any last advice? "Go talk to people- learn and grow and benefit as much as you can from them, and ask questions!"

Posted on 2019-08-02 by Katherine Yochum | Photo by Danny Alexander