Our home is more than just a shell to protect us from the elements. It is a place that we feel safe, a place that tells a story, our story. When you walk into someone's home, you can tell a lot about who lives inside. The windows and the floors may be beautiful, but it is usually the decor that shows us the real story.

The decor that we choose for our home is a decision that usually isn't taken lightly. After all, you are picking out the things that are going to surround you every day. The couch that you hold your newborn on for the first time. The chandelier that will light the staircase your daughter walks down on her wedding day. Yes, these are just things, but these things are intricately woven into memories you will make in your home, and cherish forever.

Just like the stories we are building while living in our homes, often we choose decor because of the story it tells. Walking into European Splendor, you can feel that the store has more to offer than just home decor. The handmade wooden furniture that comes straight from Europe, it has depth and personality. The Polish pottery isn't just beautiful, but it sparks a conversation while you are passing it around your table with family. These are the types of items we love to surround ourselves with. We all have a beautiful story to tell, and our home decor is a perfect way to tell it.


European Splendor is located at 2232 Frankfort Avenue. For more information call 502.618.1633 or visit european-

Posted on 2019-08-02 by Mally Wunderlich