Creating a home office space that is conducive to productivity and still invokes the warmth and personalization of the rest of your home is easier and less expensive than you think. Going a step beyond furnishing the office with functional basics like a desk and chair can yield a space that you want to work in, and also don’t need to hide from guests. Victoria Floyd of Home Inspired in Westport Village explains: “Accessories for the home are like accessories for your outfit.” Here are some ideas for making easy work of home office styling:


Consider personal interests: It’s no surprise that horse and bourbon-related accessories are fashionable at Home Inspired, the fantastic housewares boutique in Westport Village. It’s possible you already have some of these Kentucky themes throughout your home. If you find a few fun items versus a large piece, try grouping them together.

Picture frames: Nothing else can personalize a space like your photos. Picture frames can be a low-cost way to fill your office with both decoration and remind you of great memories. With so many finishes and sizes of frames, you can use frames as a statement or as a small personal touch.

Lighting: Good lighting is key for productivity, and lamps are the perfect combination of style and function. Table and floor lamps come in a wide variety of styles. If you can’t find the perfect light, remember that you can easily swap out the shade for a different color or shape. If you’re limited on desk space but need additional lighting, consider a floor lamp.


Home Inspired is located at 1321 Herr Ln, Suite 185. The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon- day through Saturday and 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays. For more infor- mation call 502.409.6430 or visit

Posted on 2019-08-02 by Emily Ho