Looking to cool off this summer? From old school favorites to new delicious takes, the Louisville area is TOPS for cool treats. 


While you might not think of a hot chicken restaurant to have one of the best cold treats in the city, but in fact, Royals Hot Chicken knows how to fire you up and cool you off. Located in the heart of NuLu on East Market St, this fast casual, relaxed hot chicken spot serves up some of the hottest chicken and the best milkshakes.

The dessert menu is simple and casual as the atmosphere. Royals Shakes are available in Vanilla or Chocolate. The shakes are made with real, quality ingredients and packed with flavor. For only a dollar, you can blend in a fried apple hand pie. But the perfect companion to the milkshake is the fried hot chicken served on a potato bun with mayo, iceberg lettuce, and pickles with a heat level of X-Hot. The chicken at Royals is brined for a day to ensure the correct flavor and spice level. The Royals heat level scale goes from classic fried to Gonzo hot. Warning! Only try Gonzo level hot chicken if you are prepared to cry a little and have more than one milkshake.

Royals have special milkshake flavors of the month, in addition to the standard vanilla and chocolate. Past monthly flavors have included Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake, a Red Velvet Milkshake and a Pumpkin Pie Milkshake. July’s monthly flavor is Orange Dreamsicle. Check out Royals Instagram account, @royalshotchicken for monthly specials and specialty milkshake availability.

736 E Market St., Louisville, KY 40202  | 502-919-7068  |


The Legendary Waffle Sundaes at Liege & Dairy is what gets you through the door, but it’s the unique twist on small-batch ice cream and vast toppings that keeps you coming back for more. Considered the new kids on the block when it comes to cool treats, Liege & Dairy opened their first location in Holiday Manor Center in April 2018. They have since opened a second location in Middletown and added a food truck.  

Owner, Andrew Llewellyn, traveled to Belgium where he first had a Liege waffle that inspired him to open Liege & Dairy Ice Cream +Waffles. Andrew wanted to capture the taste from Belgium while incorporating local Kentucky flavors. Liege & Dairy uses many products such as coffee, honey, molasses, and fruits from local markets and Kentucky farms. Andrew touts the ice cream is non-GMO made from hormone-free cows. “What’s better than waffles and ice cream? They’re the two best food groups. Period. We take the waffle you have been missing for your whole life, the Liege Waffle, some of the most amazing creamy ice creams and combine them into our Legendary Waffle Sundaes. We make our ice creams, waffles and most of our toppings from scratch in Louisville daily.” said Andrew.

The Legendary Waffle Sundaes includes a Liege waffle, 1 scoop of ice cream and 3 toppings. You can build your own or pick from a list of signature flavors. A favorite signature waffle sundae is Kenny’s Cookie Jar Waffle Sundae with a Liege waffle, cookies & cream ice cream, Oreo cookie butter, cookie pieces, and warm Nutella drizzle.

Liege & Dairy has other menu items, too. Every Tuesday and only on Tuesdays, you can order a taco shaped cone and fill it with your favorite ice cream and toppings. It’s the perfect cool treat to celebrate #TacoTuesday.

2212 Holiday Manor Center, Louisville, KY 40222  | 502-791-7991  |


Founded in Louisville, The Comfy Cow has been scooping out cool treats for 10 years at 5 area locations. They focus on producing one-of-a-kind handcrafted ice cream. Their scoop shops have eclectic décor and a fun atmosphere.

Signature flavors include the very popular Black Raspberry Chip, Strawberry Fields Forever, Espresso Yourself, Cake Batter UP and Georgia Butter Pecan, which is one of their award winning flavors.  

New seasonal summer flavors came out in June. First and foremost, the banana pudding is back! “Banana Pudding Y’all” is banana ice cream with vanilla wafer pieces and a marshmallow swirl. The second addition is their “Pistachio Chocolate Chip” which is composed of pistachio and almond ice cream with chunks of chocolate. Last but not least, the “Piña Colada Sorbet” Is coconut cream and crushed pineapple sorbet. These flavors will be available at all Comfy Cow locations throughout the summer carrying some serious devour power.

In addition to ice cream and ice cream cones, The Comfy Cow specializes in ice cream pies. The Cookies & Cream cake is chocolate graham cracker crust filled with cookies and cream, hot fudge and covered in crushed Oreos. The “BFF” with chocolate and vanilla ice cream with layers of caramel and hot fudge and topped with chopped Heath bar pieces.

Your four-legged friends can cool down this summer, too! The Comfy Cow has a cool treat for your dog as well. Pooch pops are homemade frozen treats made with plain yogurt, peanut butter, blueberries, bananas, and vanilla extract.

2221 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206  |  (502) 409-4616  |
Other locations: Westport Village, Bardstown Road, Middletown, and Cardinal Towne


“Dairy Kastle is a walk up experience that allows people to enjoy themselves with friends and family. We work to create a fun experience for everyone.” states owners, Katherine Smith, and Damian Vitale. This quote on the Dairy Kastle website sums up all the charm and local love this spot has garnered for over 40 years. Dairy Kastle is a traditional ice cream stand that carries not only cool treats but savory bites from chili dogs to a Taco-in-Bag.  

The entire menu is super affordable and has all the old school summertime favorite treats. Ice cream cones are available in cake, sugar or waffle, dipped in chocolate, butterscotch or cherry and covered in sprinkles, nuts or Oreos.  Other menus items include sundaes, hot fudge cakes, banana splits, milkshakes, flurries, floats, ice cream sodas, and slushies. Vegan fans listen up. Dairy Kastle has the vegan soft serve, vegan milkshakes, and vegan hot dogs. The pineapple and coconut soft serve are favorites.

For most people, it’s not summer until you’ve had a visit to Dairy Kastle.  As all the locals know, be prepared to stand in-line and stop by an ATM on your way. Dairy Kastle is cash only.

575 Eastern Parkway Louisville, KY 40217  |  502-643-8990  |


Since 1988, Mark’s Feed Store has been serving barbecue and their famous homemade buttermilk pies in Louisville. Store founder, Mark Erwin selected the old Hancock’s Feed Store in Middletown to open his vision of an excellent BBQ restaurant. Since then, his cooking techniques and cooking secrets have been passed down for three generations and grown to six locations.

Anyone who frequents a Mark’s Feed Store location or has had them cater an event has experienced the delicious, sugar hush of their buttermilk pies at the end of the meal. Now, you can enjoy the buttermilk pie as a cool treat. Try the Buttermilk Crunch. It’s pieces of Mark’s buttermilk pie in a glass, topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and peanuts.

Want to make the Buttermilk Crunch even sweeter? Every Monday after 4 pm, you can get a FREE dessert with the purchase of an entrée dining in at any Mark’s Feed Store location.

11422 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40243  |  (502) 244-0140  |
Other locations in Highlands, Dixie Highway, New Albany, Fern Creek, and Elizabethtown

Posted on 2019-07-08 by Story and Photos by Allison Myers