Bohemian greenery decor has been such an attraction that so many ladies in Louisville. Social media and local florists are fueling a constant contemplation of adding a plant to our homes as it is a refreshing component to the overall ambiance of your home that directly impacts mind in passive ways. There have been studies that prove plants improve the air quality of your atmosphere; indoors and out.

The real test to this is a visual test you can play on your own.

Can you name the last time you went into a home or office where plants didn't catch your eye nor bring you an overall sense of peace? It's few and far between that people look at them with disgust. When noticed plant life appreciated for the grooves of the plant, the textures, the color, the scent, anything and everything sensory can impact you so much. It's just that struggle of taking the time to notice the little things; i.e., "stopping and smelling the roses or in this case", stop what you're doing and appreciated the greenery in your space and recognizing the inner peace you have when you're near it.

But wait, what if you're so busy living your life that you barely have any time to bring another species into your domain and not feel bad for killing it? I strongly suggest succulents because they're drought-resistant plants that require minimal maintenance and watering.

Sansevieria plants have so many benefits, the coolest one being that it adds Oxygen into your home. You can style a Sansevieria anywhere in your home because they don't require tons of sunlight and come in various sizes. Have an empty hall that needs some life?! Sansevieria can grow up to 4 ft tall, giving you a luscious and modern plant look!

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Posted on 2019-07-08 by STORY AND PHOTOS BY BAILEY WYNN