Styling the surfaces in your home can be tricky. Recently, there has been a considerable movement towards seeking calm and serenity in our daily lives and how we can bring this into our homes.  As a designer, I'm incredibly intentional about how the items surrounding you and I, make us feel.  Before heading out to your favorite local shops, stop and focus on the top emotions you want in the space you are working on. Living plants tend to immediately reduce stress (the right ones can clean the air in your home), and color can instantly affect your mood. Deep Blue promotes efficiency, while light blue can encourage calmness.  Know what your triggers are, and be mindful next time you enter a space. One of the most essential styling tools to affect your daily life is to keep objects near; you can instantly hold and feel a found memory from.  I like to mix these objects with newly found pieces from local retailers in my own home. Combining food brain coral from a trip to the BVI's, inspiring books, plants in various textures and colors, and an updated piece on a classic blue and white motif all bring a sense of calm, and the right level of energy.

Blue and white are two tones you can bring in to mix with other neutrals to create a serene space. Blue is known to help you sleep as it is a soothing tone. White is an adaptable color with versetal tones per preference on shade to calm your eyes and allow neutrality to surround you.

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Posted on 2019-07-08 by Story and Photos by Anna O'Hara Heuke