Choosing colors for your home can be overwhelming. However, if you take into consideration the effect specific colors can have on your mood, it might make your decision process more comfortable. Think of the color wheel and the emotions each color elicits.

The color gray is said to be neutral. Gray is unemotional and evokes the feeling of practicality, and quiet. It is associated with timelessness. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that gray is such a popular color in many aspects of the home. From wall color to tile, countertops, and furnishings, gray can easily work itself into your home in many mediums.

The living room pictured has dark grey walls, showing its formality and its timelessness. All the while remaining a neutral and letting the beautiful woodwork, and pops of pink shine. The brown tones of the woodwork speak confidence and stability, while the pink is showing some playfulness and a touch of femininity.

The bathroom pictured is predominantly white, which often reads as peaceful, clean and sterile. With black accents, commanding authority, and green accents bringing in nature and balance, this bathroom becomes a cohesive space.

Choosing colors for within your home isn't just about the paint colors and the hard materials. But also the furnishings, textiles, and the accessories. Dwellings, located in St. Matthews is a fantastic resource to help you with all of those aspects. From the ground up they can help make your home take on the moods that you desire.

Posted on 2019-07-08 by Mally Wunderlich | Photos by Anna May Photography