What makes a city great? The people.

The inhabitants of any great city from the beginning of time until now are the visionaries, business owners, artists, and members of the government. They all play an essential role in crafting the atmosphere of society living in our day to day lives. The vital component of their impact is determined by the satisfaction of the people; which is translated in the financial and philosophical existence that is coveted in our desires to live the best life we can in the amount of time that we have it.

As you turn the pages of this publication know that the TOPS Louisville staff have pulled together an issue that is the beginning of a new era in publishing in the city of Louisville with an elevated approach to showcase life in Louisville as the way inhabits live within its realm. From our history that can is found in museums, books, and historical landmarks to the businesses that breathe life into every significant component of the city, we’re a city that started in 1778. Aligned with the greatness of all things, we’ve had our success moments and the moments of growth that have required continuous teamwork in the determination to succeed and support those around us.

We’re in the epicenter of highly regarded healthcare, education, athletics, manufacturing, food, and libations that have allowed our city and state to become a center of travel within the United States recognized by international publications and influencers alike. Once they arrive in the town through the Muhammad Ali International Airport or one of our significant roadways that connects us to 7 states, they’re welcomed by locals that hold the door for them, serve them the best food and slow pour bourbon but that’s on the surface. The depth of the gravitational pull to keep people here can be explored in our universities and their athletics, cultural experiences with music and art, shopping local in our boutiques, staying locally in hotels and if they stumble while they’re here, there are nationally recognized hospitals to mend them. We, the people, occupy these positions that make our daily lives possible and promotes us to keep this city great because we know that we need one another to play a vital role in the success of Louisville.

We’re all serving this city, and that is what makes the city great. I hope you find the people that are featured in this issue to be deserving of greatness for their successes and the silent obstacles they faced on their journey to a brighter and bigger life comes with the same purpose we all share each day; to live the best experience we can while we have the time to do so.

For the greater good of our city,

Bella Portaro-Kueber

Posted on 2019-06-13 by