Louisville is one fantastic city.  Great Parks, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, shopping, and entertainment.

A critical part of what makes Louisville so special and appealing are the local business owners, working hard to make their neighborhoods and communities unique.  Boutiques, banks, shopping centers, medspas, restaurants, realtors, those working in the field of home and garden, and so many others. These local business owners bring a passion to serve you every day, and it shows.

The businesses like the ones you see advertising here in this magazine need your shopping dollars now more than ever.

Yes, there are tempting options to shop online, but just consider this:  When you order something online that you could have bought from a local retailer, that dollar you spend doesn’t get circulated in Louisville. If too many dollars are spent online instead of locally, then we could see these local entrepreneurs put in a position to be forced to make some tough decisions.

It is in all of our best interests to keep Louisville businesses thriving.

Join TOPS in Shopping Local and Loving It!
1. You’ll help create jobs in the community
2. Your tax dollars stay local.
3. Small businesses give back to the neighborhood.
4. Shopping at one local business helps other local businesses.
5. Small businesses offer more unique products.
6. It helps keep communities diverse.

Posted on 2019-05-03 by Keith Yarber