Feeling like allergies are getting the best of you? You're not alone. Especially during the spring and summer, allergies can be overwhelming and make life incredibly uncomfortable. Luckily, allergy sufferers can find substantial relief from natural remedies. Here is a look at these remedies.

In the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America’s 2018 Spring Allergy report, Louisville is ranked the second worst city in the U.S. for spring allergies. The average score for allergies in the nation is 56.48; Louisville’s score is 86.84. As you can tell that’s way above the national average with the increase of tree pollen, blooming flowers and wet weather mold spores that are prevalent to the Ohio Valley. Since 2003, the AAFA has been releasing this annual report so allergy suffers can recognize, prevent and manage allergy symptoms.

Common symptoms usually include runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing repeatedly. In the absence of a cure, successful management of allergies requires a prescription or shot, an over-the-counter medication or a more natural path. There are infinite amount of possible solutions to make your spring season start and continue to run as a sneeze-free machine. Following are some items you can pick up at your local grocery to treat your allergies with a new wave of beliefs and solutions with natural wellness as the focal point. So, if you want to try the natural path, there are plenty of options availability for you at Rainbow Blossom, Whole Foods Market or other ho- listic food stores.


Using probiotics for allergies can help by adding beneficial bacteria into your digestive system, which supports the immune center and can alter the natural course of an allergy flare-up. Fermented foods are a good source of probiotics, when added to your diet, as a bonus they can also help your body heal. You can also find probiotics tablets at your local stores.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is extremely useful in your kitchen but it is also great for your health. One of it's amazing natural treatments for allergies is a combination you can mix in the kitchen. Use one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water, then drink completely. This can help diminish mucous creation and purify your lymphatic system.

Local Honey

The trick is using local honey to treat your symptoms, as bees make their honey from pollen in our region, this sweet nectar can help you by introducing your body to the Ohio Valley’s pollen and spores. A tablespoon or two won’t cure your symptoms, but it can help build a toler- ance to spring allergies over time.

Neti Pots + Nasal Sprays

Neti pots serve as a nasal irrigation system when used with sterile water or saline solutions. These are great for expelling foreign substances and mucous that makes your nose run and leads to coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes. Nasal sprays are the alternative solution to reach the same results of a Neti pot but is a much more passive treatment. By spritzing saline solution in your nose once a day, you can flush harmful irritants from your nasal passages.


Acupuncture is known for impacting your system with the alleviation of pain, assistance in fertility, and with allergies. There are new methods that can be explored by visiting a local specialist.


A side effect from dehydration is head- aches, along with moodiness, an increased appetite and fatigue. The average adult should consume approximately 64 ounces of water daily. Louisville is known for having some of the best water in the country but if you want water that is fluoride and chlorine free, consider bottled or distilled water. Stay- ing hydrated can also relieve allergy symp- toms, so drink up.

For more traditional treatments, it is best to contact your primary care physician or visit an allergy specialist for an in-depth treatment solution tailored to your body.

Posted on 2019-05-06 by Bella Portaro Kueber