We’re four weeks out from Derby and that means the race to primp and prep is on. Here, local cosmetic surgeons share the quick fixes that can make you walk into the track looking like a winner.

By Bella Portaro Kueber

Since the first Derby was run in 1875, it has been an opportunity for attendees to dress up and look their best. Today the tradition of dressing to impress at the track carries on with a modern, scientific twist: Derby primping now often begins with a little high-tech help from local cosmetic surgeons. Whether they’re filling fine lines, plumping lips or smoothing bumps and eliminating the need for Spanx, our local medical experts have a whole spectrum of quick fixes that can guarantee a beauty triumph at the track.

To help prep for your Churchill closeups, we’ve spoken to five trusted medical professionals. Here, their advice on the best beauty treatments to start four weeks out, three weeks out and right down to the finish line. 

Dr. Marc Salzman
Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa
4702 Chamberlain Lane

FOUR WEEKS OUT: Dr. Salzman believes his office has the best kept secret in the city, the Allura Laser Body Sculpting. This dream body maker provides immediate visual results because of the unique benefits of its non-invasive impact when compared to traditional methods of liposuction.

THREE WEEKS OUT: The top three beauty treatments around this time in April would be Mini Facelift, the perfect Dermapeel and Emsculpt. Injectables for your face and hands give your hands a youthful appearance.

TWO WEEKS OUT: Peels and injectables. A peel can brighten and tighten and there’s enough time to heal before you head to the track. Be sure to be extra careful about sunscreen though, since your new skin cells are especially sensitive to the UV rays.

BEST BEAUTY ADVICE: “When it comes to mistakes people can make with timing treatments, the biggest would have to be injectables the day before an event or chemical peels the week of.”

Dr. Alex Digenis
315 East Broadway

FOUR WEEKS OUT: Dr. Digenis recommends a HydraFacial. The HydraFacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating. It delivers instant and long-lasting results that you can see and feel.

THREE WEEKS OUT: Microneedling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues by stimulating collagen production in the skin. Dr. Digenis says it’s a popular choice for both male and female clients at this point before Derby.

TWO WEEKS OUT: Not new to the market, but in high demand, are fillers for the hand and cheek areas. Our hands are an often-neglected and forgotten area to treat for fullness. Eighty-three percent of women notice signs of aging in the hands as they've grown older. Volume in the hands deteriorates over time, making hands appear aged. We can "turn back the hands of time" with Restylane Lyft. It can also be injected in the cheek area to create a more contoured and youthful appearance.

SEVEN DAYS OUT: The only recommendation for this week would be injectables early in the week along with basic facials to give your skin a fresh-faced look.

BEST ADVICE: Don’t wait until it’s too late! Everyone's skin is different and can react differently to treatments. If you have sensitive skin, or have never received treatment, Dr. Digenis recommends coming in two weeks prior to any big event. There can be reactions to the injections that you won’t know will happen until they do. To avoid any risks with injectables, try to get in early in the week on Monday or Tuesday.

Dr. Jarrod Little
4950 Norton Healthcare Blvd.

FOUR WEEKS OUT: The most undetectable but effective procedure in his office for a month out from the Derby is fat grafting. This procedure involves suctioning fat from another part of your body, purifying it and injecting into another. Dr. Little believes this has multiple benefits because this fat has a high concentration of stem cells.

THREE WEEKS OUT: Botox, eyelash enhancers, aggressive skin care with growth factors like the new SkinMedica products, and dermal fillers such as the Juvéderm products. Cost is reasonable and does not change by gender at Dr. Little’s office.

TWO WEEKS OUT: Peels and injectables. Any bruises or redness from fillers or Botox will be long gone by Derby, leaving beautiful results for your photos.

BEST BEAUTY ADVICE: The biggest mistakes for last-minute treatments are not allowing adequate time for swelling to resolve and choosing practitioners that are not adequately trained in the procedures. Unfortunately, many of these procedures can be performed by a wide variety of disciplines, many of which do not have the experience needed for a great result. Most of the complications I see from Botox and dermal fillers are a result of inadequate training of others.

Dr. Lee Corbett
13125 Eastpoint Park Blvd.

FOUR WEEKS OUT: PRP Microneedling, also known as the “Vampire Facial” was made famous by Kim Kardashian. It’s one of the newest beauty procedures getting a lot of buzz for achieving dramatic results in a short time. With this treatment, they use your own plasma and needle it into the skin to improve overall texture, fine lines, pigment, and cell turnover.

THREE WEEKS OUT: Filler injections are the most popular at Dr. Corbett’s office. Lip filler to enhance your lips, filler to add volume to your facial structure, and various other collagen boosting injections to help you get ready for the big week of horse racing in Louisville.

TWO WEEKS OUT: Injectables and peels.

BEST ADVICE: Don’t wait until the last minute! Give the products time to do their job and your body time to heal so that you are looking your best for the big event!

Dr. Julene Samuels
A Woman’s Touch
6400 Dutchman’s Parkway

FOUR WEEKS OUT: Micro-needling with radiofrequency retexturizes and smooths both facial and body skin with little downtime. Fractora is a collagen pen that is a great one. Profound is another device she uses but it has much more heat, takes longer to do, and is more expensive than Fractora.

THREE WEEKS OUT: Injectables as a fast filler, long-lasting collagen stimulating injectables, injectables for acne scar filling, neurotoxins, and facials that vary in simple subtle ways to a chemical peel or alpha-hydroxy acid facial for a quick complexion fix.

TWO WEEKS OUT: Peels and fillers.

BEST ADVICE: Don’t forget to stop taking medications that can cause bruising if you’re getting injectables and plan at least a week or two ahead for skin smoothing and resurfacing treatments to give yourself healing time and realize that your full results can take weeks or months for some of the treatments.

Posted on 2019-04-05 by Bella Portaro-Kueber