Over here at TOPS, our Derby season starts early—in the first weeks of January when we begin planning this issue and the Kentucky Derby Festival fashion show for a thousand of our city’s fashion followers.

  Our Derby issue—and this cover-- is a tribute to the many other people in our city who put the wheels of this season into motion for Louisville and the world. They’re a diverse group of milliners, event planners, restauranteurs, boutique owners and a whole array of behind-the-scenes magic makers who start planning early to guarantee that this event lives up to its bucket list billing year after year.

    We hope this issue reminds you to embrace this special time of year. Make the juleps, wear the hat, throw the party… whether you head to the track or not.  The Derby season is more than one race and more than one place. It’s a mood supported by a month-long celebration that can only happen here.  It doesn’t matter how you do Derby, it just matters that you do.

Happy Derby!

Posted on 2019-04-05 by Christine Fellingham