In-house event experts Marcella Kragel and Ina Miller share their spin on new floral arranging trends that can beautify your party, home or, yes, mood.

Ina Marcella Events is a full service event planning and creative consulting business co-owned by Ina Miller and Marcella Kragel. With shared backgrounds in the arts and non-profit management, and a mutual passion for community engagement, Ina and Marcella have developed a unique approach to event planning aimed at creating inspired one-of-a-kind events for their clients.   Ina and Marcella have been friends for twenty years and each is married with three kids.

Want to make our day— or someone else’s? Plants and flowers always do the trick. Not only are they a sure sign that you’re thinking of someone, but they add a little beauty to their space in the meantime.  Bringing natural elements into an event or home is our favorite way to make any space feel more luxe.

This is the year to look at plants differently. Roses for a wedding are classic, but don’t be confined by tradition. Here are some ways we are stepping outside the box with plants this year. Join us and try out these trends for your next dinner party, or even just in your living room.

Go Bold:

Tropical plants make a big statement and don’t have to be high maintenance. We predict that they will be big this year with their colorful hues and unusual shapes. More than simply a statement centerpiece, they’re also practical. They can thrive in a Kentucky home, if well placed and well cared for. Think outside the season by making your plants mobile to keep them happy year-round.

Look up:

Flowers aren’t just for tables or bouquets anymore. Hanging floral chandeliers and garlands provide an unexpected twist for event décor. The same effect can be had at home by hanging a planter in an overlooked corner of a room. Ask your local plant store for advice about easy-care plants that don’t have to drain.

Go low Maintenance:

Speaking of easy care, our motto of the year is “smarter, not harder.” Low-maintenance plants like succulents, ferns, peace lilies and snake plants (also known as Mother in law’s tongue) are all remarkably easy to keep alive and have a lot of presence.

Remember sustainability:

We are lucky to live in such a green city, but we could always get a little greener. Many non-profit groups offer gardening advice to help you create a beautiful, sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor space at little or no cost. Trees Louisville (Treeslouisville.org) arranges free trees to homeowners through their Community Canopy Project, and Louisville Nature Center (Louisvillenaturecenter.org) holds semi-annual tree giveaways. Louisville Grows (Louisvillegrows.org) offers several educational seminars and classes that cover everything from native plant education to urban gardening. Turn your yard into an oasis that reflects local flora and fauna, while providing a great entertainment space for you and valuable green space for our community.

Use plants as art:

Instead of expensive one-of-a-kind artwork, why not save money and create an art installation of your own with one-of-a-kind variegated plants. These colorful beauties are plants that contain unusual color variations or patterns on their leaves and stems. While they can occur spontaneously, these traits are often inherited, and provide a fun twist to the usual indigenous plant varieties.


Our favorite sources are Nanz and Kraft (various locations, main store at 141 Breckenridge Ln), Mahonia (822 E Market St), Forage (1731 Frankfort Ave) and the Plant Kingdom (4101 Westport Rd). We bet you won’t be able to walk out without picking up a little something for your space too.

Posted on 2019-03-04 by Marcella Kragel and Ina Miller