An elegant New Year’s Eve celebration with balloon drop and black-tie attire, was a dream-come-true beginning shared with joyful family and friends.

Their relationship is a story of love at first sight. “I saw him across the room at a bar and that was it,” says Bryan Carpio-Goad of his now husband, Gavin Goad. “We went out that week and we never looked back.” With shared interests in travel, fitness, and remodeling, the couple connected quickly. “We officially started dating on New Year’s Eve and we bought a house in Indiana together two years later,” says Bryan. “Then I started thinking about planning the perfect proposal.”

Opportunity presented itself when the couple decided to join in on a rare family vacation to celebrate Bryan’s sister’s college graduation. “My family hadn’t taken a vacation since my graduation, years ago, so we decided it was a great time for Gavin to really get to know my extended family,” says Bryan. “We were taking a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, which I decided would be a great place to propose.”

Bryan bought a ring and began planning a beach proposal with the help of the cruise staff. However, due to a series of last-minute mishaps, the ring never made it on board. “I gave the ring to my sister so Gavin wouldn’t see it and she and her boyfriend wound up missing the boat,” he says. “It was such a shock. I literally was trying to stall the ship, but you can’t really do that. It took a while for my family to get over it. The trip was to celebrate her graduation, but all I could think about was my proposal that wasn’t going to happen.”

Once they got home, Bryan perpetually thought about planning the perfect proposal. “I literally drove around with the ring underneath the seat of my car, just in case,” he says. “I knew I had to propose before he found the ring in the house.” Finally, one day the two went on a bike ride (while Bryan had the ring in his pocket) and found themselves at a picturesque gazebo and Bryan decided to seize the moment. “We were feeding the fish and there was a gazebo behind the pond. There were geese droppings all over the ground, but I decided to drop down on one knee and ask him if he would marry me. He was completely taken away, in a good way.”

The first decision was to choose a date, which they both agreed should be New Year’s Eve, the anniversary of their first date. “Gavin would have been happy with something small, but I wanted a big celebration with all of our family and friends. So, once we picked the date, I started planning and just surprised him with all of the details.” While researching venues, they visited The Olmsted and immediately knew they found the perfect setting. “They were so gracious and welcoming and wanted us to be their first gay wedding,” says Bryan. “That made us feel really good about working with them.” The size and elegance of the setting also sold them. “I could really see the kind of special New Year’s Eve celebration I was envisioning there,” he says. “We had thought about having our wedding in Indiana, but once we walked in there, we changed our minds.”

The wedding planning went very smoothly. “The Olmsted staff were incredibly helpful. Jerri and Claire went above and beyond to help us. They worked within our budget and made recommendations that we didn’t even think about.” One thing they didn’t think about happened to be the officiant. “Somehow, I forgot about that until two months before the wedding,” says Bryan, “so my best friend offered to become ordained so she could do it for us. She loved Gavin like a brother and was so excited to be able to do that for us.” With a best friend as officiant, little sister as maid of honor and friends and families celebrating together, the evening couldn’t have been more memorable. “Just to see everyone smiling and having a good time and to feel the love and energy that was in the room, it was overwhelming,” says Bryan. “All of these people were there for us.”


Venue: The Olmsted

Photographer: Don & Shawna Cherrie

Videographer: Dever Media Productions

Caterer: Mastersons

Cake: Ina Crossen

Flowers: Millennium Events

Bridesmaid’s attire: Revelry Boutique

Men’s attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Transportation: Rented Vans

Music: Dj Brios

Invitations: Designed by Kate Schaefer using Vistaprint

Posted on 2019-03-04 by Christine Fellingham | Photos by Maggie Cave Photography and Don & Shawna Cherrie