Pinterest recently released their list of Top 100 Trends for 2019, based on the increase in searches for particular terms and phrases. They have sussed out what’s gaining popularity this year and shared some of the biggest up-and-coming culinary trends.


Mushroom Powder

Add umami (delicious, meaty flavor) to any dish by stirring in a little mushroom powder, which is made from dried mushrooms that are finely ground. Why mushrooms? Shiitake mushrooms, for example, have a high percentage of essential amino acids and high Vitamin D. It’s a clever way to sneak extra macros into gravies, stews or baked goods. Companies have popped up selling mushroom powder latte mixes which means it’s sure to pop up at local coffee houses and veggie-inspired eateries any day now.


Homemade Jams

It makes sense that DIY jams and jellies are on the rise; they’re a wonderful way to make use of produce and it’s easy to create custom flavor blends that are perfect for your tastes. Making jam takes a smart balance of heat, sugars and time, but many DIY versions make it a snap. Freezer jams, for instance, make it easy to dip your toes into this trend.


Pegan Eating

When paleo meets vegan principles, beautiful things happen. First introduced in 2015, this diet was created to build Whole30 and paleo-compliant veggie-heavy dishes. It’s gained popularity as people search for Meatless Monday ideas and vegetable alternatives to their traditional meat-focused meals. That said, omnivores can rejoice: many Pegan recipe sites do include dishes with meat, just keeping those proteins as a mix-in rather than the main event.


Oat Milk

People have been making a big fuss over oats for a while now, but oat milk hasn’t really gotten its due… until 2019, that is. Oat milk easy to make at home, but you can find it ready made at your local grocer. Starbucks recently debuted an oat milk latte, so you know this trend is real.


Family-Style Grazing

Previous years have seen structured dinner parties and carefully-plated dishes, but this year’s biggest trend is forgetting all that in favor of getting a little messy. The rise of Friendsgiving may have prompted this fun, relaxed trend to take over the other eleven months of the year. What’s it look like? Think charcuterie boards, appetizers, big bowls and unfussy potlucks. Invite over your loved ones and tell ‘em to dig in.

Posted on 2019-01-15 by Amanda Harper