Forget almost everything you know about getting dressed. The newest thinking on what to wear involves breaking some hard-and-fast fashion rules. It’s about creating color combinations you haven’t seen before, wearing two patterns instead of one or shoes that fit your mood, rather than just your ensemble.

We decided that the best place to explore the parameters of new fashion thinking was the recently transformed Frazier History Museum. As the sleek, chic new Welcome Center for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, it’s the perfect representation of transformative change. Let our trip there inspire your personal 2019 style transformation.

Photos Steve Squall

Location Frazier History Museum Urban Bourbon Trail Welcome Center

Styled by Emme Metry with Christine Fellingham

Hair and makeup Devyon Cohen and Julianna Salisbury for J Micaels Salon and Spa

Models Olive Flick and Kris Stein for Heyman Talent

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