There’s nothing like a fast, dramatic change to jumpstart the new year. Jill Higginbotham, owner of J Michael’s Spa and Salon should know, since she oversees plenty of client makeovers. But, this month, she treated herself to some beautiful, believable, long locks. You can see her amazing before and after, here. 

If you think extensions are just for celebrities or models, think again. “The products have improved so much that extensions are now convenient, inexpensive and easy to maintain,” says Jill. She should know. She’s hooked herself-up. Her salon uses PerfecTress, a luxurious but fast, tape-in system that looks and feels like real hair and has none of the residue or dissolving issues of older brands. 

“You can get a full head of long hair in under two hours and there’s no maintenance for five weeks,” says Jill. “We tell clients to just plan for that with their regular haircut or haircolor appointments. It adds maybe twenty to thirty minutes—less than a manicure.”

Depending on the number of extensions and length, an application runs $100 and up and maintenance costs about $150. “People are always shocked when they hear the prices. They expect them to be unaffordable,” says Jill. “But they’re reasonably priced and well worth it if you’re ready for a big change.”



Posted on 2019-01-04 by Christine Fellingham