They’re sleek, chic extra seating that can turn any corner or wall into a cozy gathering place. Sarah Osborne, interior designer at Barry Wooley, explains why this décor trend is back to stay.

Over the past few years, formal dining rooms have become less popular and open concept kitchens have become the place where people end up eating most of their meals in breakfast nooks or at kitchen islands.  This shift towards more casual eating areas has increased the popularity of banquettes that offer design clients a sophisticated way to customize their spaces and create extra seating.  “We can design them for almost any space in any style and, once completed, they really become the hub of our clients’ homes,” says Sarah Osborne, interior designer at Barry Wooley Designs.

“Banquettes make the coziest little hangout spots.”

They make a statement.

“We can go minimalist with solid fabrics, bold with patterns and luxe with tufted, luxurious fabrics like cut velvets and leather (as they did with the white leather banquette in the break room at DS Research, below). They’re an instant focal point in the room.”

They’re adaptable.

“Sometimes we design them with backs, sometimes we load them up with pillows. We once created a floor-to-ceiling tufted banquette.”

They add drama.

Creating such a custom area really enhances a space. Clients always tell us that their banquette is their new favorite spot in their home.You can add them anywhere.

“You can design a banquette into a little corner that was wasted space, or you can fill up a whole wall.”

They maximize your space.

“We maximized a client’s floorplan by nestling a banquette in the corner between their living room and kitchen.” 

They pair with pedastals.

“We like to use pedestal base tables because it creates more room underneath.  Round or oval tables are especially great because the curved edges make it easier to slide around.”


Posted on 2018-12-07 by Christine Fellingham