The energetic, always-moving Associate Athletic Director of Marketing for Louisville athletics is also a single mom of two. Here’s how she keeps all the balls in the air at home and work.

I would challenge anyone to spend five minutes with Lottie Stockwell and not come away just a little bit in awe. She is the upbeat, impossibly organized Associate Athletic Director of Marketing for Louisville Athletics. She’s also a single mother to Cooper, age 9, and Georgia, age 5, and she balances both roles with optimism and a sense of humor. “Believe that there is no reason why you can’t do something and always know that something amazing is about to happen,” she says when I ask her how she gets it all done.

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Lottie graduated from that other college in Kentucky with a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications, but she bleeds red now. Not just an employee, but a true Cards fan, Lottie joined the ranks in 2015 after working her way up in the agency world. She credits her ex-husband with encouraging her to stretch and grow into this opportunity that she fully embraces. She’s proud to be part of an organization that is so central to life in Louisville.

“Our culture has really instilled in us that the program is bigger than the individuals,” she says. “We are driven to make it, to see it through to the other side. This program is going nowhere but up!” She is rock solid in that belief and truly loves being a part of the resurgence and the strong fan base. 

Here’s what she had to say about her life with her teams at work and home.

The biggest challenges working in such a male-dominated field?

“The biggest challenges are the same, whether it’s male-dominated or not. It’s high stakes, high pressure, and a fast-paced environment. It doesn’t allow for a lot of emotion, but the women in our department are extraordinary and take on leadership roles in all sorts of initiatives. You have be ‘un-offendable’ to some degree.”

Are her children sports fans?

“My son loves it, my daughter comes for the show and the snack bar. And some nights, the snack bar is dinner. “I don’t think there’s a mom out there who thinks they are juggling well. It’ll go in cycles. I’m really killing it at work, then not so much at home. I have certainly learned to prioritize and pick my battles…and to just stay positive.”

On living in the moment:

“I try to embrace the joy that comes out of the smallest things; uninhibited joy. Remembering what it’s like to be a kid… when no one has told you you can’t do something yet.”

Lottie’s advice to other single moms?

“Accept help and give yourself a break. You‘re doing great. Even when the circumstances aren’t ideal. I try to remind myself that this is the childhood they will remember. I don’t want them to remember me on my phone or too busy.”

What’s next for this marketing powerhouse and super mom?

“I feel like there is so much untapped potential where I am right now, being able to bring this brand to life and prove out the value and longevity of the Cardinals brand. We’ve barely scratched the surface here. I'm inspired to dig in and do that. I love working in sports, especially college sports. I don’t see myself wanting to do anything else for a really long time.”

Her biggest life lessons?

“I’ve learned a lot about myself just working in this job for this department, going through a divorce, turning 40… You’re the only one who’s responsible for your life. Life is far too short to leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s hands. You have to show up for yourself. I want my kids to understand that.”

Posted on 2018-12-07 by Kristie Hicks Crenshaw