What inspires us? Where to start? After all, ‘inspire’ is one of our favorite words. We are inspired daily; our children, our friends, our clients, a beautiful sunset, a favorite work of art, we could go on and on. Inspiration is also something we strive to create and put back into the world.

We want to inspire our community to do better, work harder, and be kinder. Did you know over half of our clients are non-profit organizations? We have both been engaged in the non-profit world our whole lives. We gre up going to Stage One, volunteering on the Louisville Zoo Youth Board, attending Louisville Visual Art Classes together. We even went off to college and started our careers in non-profits. The non-profit world is our home, and our history.

It was several years ago that we met one particular organization that keeps our faith in the future strong and makes our hearts smile. Basically, they inspire us; the Louisville Youth Philanthropy Council (LYPC).


What it is:

The LYPC works with high school students from private, parochial, and public schools across Jefferson and Oldham Counties, to teach them the principles and practices of non-profit work through a hands-on learning experience. Each year 30-35 students spend 16 Saturdays between September and March learning how to be philanthropists. The goal of the program is to build the next generation of philanthropists here at home, and to teach them leadership skills.


How it works:

The students are divided into two teams where they collectively craft a mission statement that guides their journey through the program. The teams research and interview organizations in the Louisville community that fit their mission. The year culminates in an annual celebration dinner where each team awards $5000 in grants to the organization(s) they feel best fit their respective missions. The program is completely driven by the students’ choices and decisions, with two facilitators serving as their guides.

In the past 11 years, LYPC students have granted over $210,000 to local non-profits, served over 230 students from almost every area high school (private, public and parochial), and supported over 35 different non-profit organizations across the city.

The program itself is incredible, but what is more inspiring is the students themselves. They volunteer their Saturdays with a thirst to make this community better, and each year they do just that through their research and support.


Let these students inspire you to get more involved.

1. Turn your passion into inspiration: Are you an
art aficionado, nutrition enthusiast, or dog lover. Research organizations that support your passions and call to see how you can get involved.

2. What is your favorite charitable event of the year? Forecastle Festival, Lobster Fest, the Pink Tie Ball? If you are fan of these events, and the dozens of other stellar local annual fundraisers, you no doubt support their causes. This is a great launching pad to get more involved in these organizations you already support.

3. Ask your friends who they support. It’s more fun to volunteer when you do it with a group.

4. As we all get more connected, local and big brands alike are stepping up their philanthropic support. Look into your favorite businesses and brands and see who they support to expand your awareness.


Ina Marcella Events is a full service event planning and creative consulting business co-owned by Ina Miller and Marcella Kragel. With shared backgrounds in the arts and non-profit management, and a mutual passion for community engagement, Ina and Marcella have developed a unique approach to event planning aimed at creating inspired one-of-a-kind events for their clients. Ina and Marcella have been friends for twenty years and each is married with three kids.



Posted on 2018-10-19 by Marcella Kragel & Ina Miller