While a full-scale remodel is always fun, updating your décor can be a mix of big and little changes. Here, the interior design team at Details offers inspiration with their favorite fall upgrades.



hen Lesa Buckler opened Details in 2001, she thought it would be a fun little side business. Seventeen years later, she’s dreaming up restaurant interiors like Le Moo and Grassa Gramma with Kevin Grangier and redecorating 10,000 square foot homes from the floorboards to the decorative beams.

“But we have projects of all sizes and clients can come to use for a few new pieces or a new room,” says Buckler. “The variety makes what we do so interesting.” According to Buckler, this particular design season is full of dramatic change and fresh thinking. “We’re moving away from neutrals and into bold color,” she says. “It’s a good time to give everything a tweak.” Here are some fall trends that offer a good starting point:

PASTELS As part of color’s comeback, pastels are definitely trickling into interior fashions, along with florals.

COLORS THAT POP Turquoise, shocking pinks and even various shades of green are making an appearance.  “We love the green and feel that it’s been missing from the market lately; it’s a wonderful color because it brings nature indoors.  We are seeing some of the main fabric houses producing more greens again.”

VELVET A multitude of cotton velvets are available with great durability and in many colors. So no longer should people consider it just for special pieces; velvets can be on any upholstered piece and in any room.

DARK KITCHENS We consider white kitchens to be beautiful, timeless, and classic.  But now, we are also designing darker, moodier kitchens that are a “wow” with sultry colors and dramatic finishes.

ASIAN INFLUENCE “It’s huge in design and has a gorgeous effect in a home when used in fabrics, accessories and special accent pieces.”

These small, well-executed design changes are a good place to start and may be all you need to make your home feel refreshed.

Good lighting. It can make or break a home and remains the key to making any room feel warm and inviting.”

Powder rooms. Wallpaper has been making a huge resurgence and a powder room is the perfect place to create a major impact with it.  The right vanity, counter top, lighting and glimmering metal finishes helps makes this room a “jewel box.”

“Artwork plays a very big role when designing a home and is great for a quick update or to refresh any room. We have, at Details, the most outstanding and diversified collections of artwork in the city...probably in the state, and we can’t keep it in the showroom!  We have a list of customers and clients to call when shipments arrive so they can have first pick. For  those who haven’t visited our showroom, we invite you to come and see for yourselves... seeing art in person is always better and more fun than shopping online!” Lesa Buckler

“Gone is the time for gray, gray and more gray. We are seeing color make a comeback in a big way.”

“Lighting can be the most impactful design element in a home. The functional beauty of a new fixture can transform any space.”

Posted on 2018-09-07 by Christine Fellingham