Two media professionals who met on Twitter are teaching other businesspeople how to be smarter about their social media strategies. Here’s how Shane Shapps and Stephanie White of Smart Social Louisville are helping local businesspeople find their voices.

When they started messaging back and forth on Twitter a few years ago, Shane Shapps of 520 East Brands and Stephanie White of didn’t envision a grand business plan. “We had both moved here with young children and were very active on social,” says Shapps. “We tweeted and texted back and forth for years.”

Last year, the two realized that they could join forces and help other small business owners be as savvy as they were about their social media presence.

“For me, it developed out of necessity,” Shane laughs. “I had marketing clients who didn’t know how to run a Facebook account or tweet people. They were running illegal contests and not even knowing they were illegal.” From that need and their shared interest, a women-owned social startup was formed. “We decided we were going to create workshops and give these people a resource. We were going to show them how to play by the rules, how to play the game so it’s working for you and not against you. To hire me to do your social takes a budget some companies don’t have, but in a three-hour workshop, we can show them how to compete with   other companies in the marketplace.”

To ensure that each participant walks out with a game plan, Shane and Stephanie keep the groups small: “We meet in small local meeting spaces and keep it intimate (like Fante’s coffee shop where we caught up with them last month for a photo),” she says. “We take eight to ten people and make sure that they’re walking out with something. They’re walking out with a new cover image created; they’re walking out with an ad… or a video. They’re not going home and flipping through notes to see if they can do what we discussed that morning.”

Their new venture is working as well for its two owners as it is for its clients. Says Stephanie, “It’s amazing to work with another female entrepreneur to build something of value to other people that works for our schedules and our flexible lifestyles.”


Go to for information on workshops and services.

Posted on 2018-09-07 by Christine Fellingham