For the month of back to school and back to the grind, we rounded up some beautiful, on trend timepieces that will make sticking to the schedule a pleasure.

“Watches have transitioned from a necessary accessory to a statement piece”
Megan Smith of Clater Jewelry

“Big, chunky watch-faces and links have become popular among women."
Dallas Beall, owner of Dallas Jewelers.

1. Certified Pre-Owned Rolex Steel 18kw Bezel, Lady Diamond Ice Blue $9,949, at Clater Jewelry

2. Bering 10 ATM Sporty Titanium $239, at Dallas Jewelers 

3. Lady Datejust in yellow gold with a diamond bezel at Merkley Kendrick Jewelers

4. Sky-Dweller in stainless steel and yellow gold at Merkley Kendrick Jewelers  

5. Bering Classic Blue Sapphire with SWAROVSKI elements, $179, at Dallas Jewelers

6. Daytona in stainless steel and yellow gold at Merkley Kendrick Jewelers

7. Yacht-Master in rose gold and black ceramic at Merkley Kendrick Jewelers

8. Bering ceramic black, $289, at Dallas Jewelers 

9. Ladies Seiko, $475, at Clater Jewelry

10. Bering Classic brown $199, at Dallas Jewelers

11. Steinhausen Triple Crown Swiss movement red dial, $1,500, at Clater Jewelry

12. Certified Pre-Owned Cartier Men’s Roadster, $5,475, at Clater Jewelery 

Posted on 2018-08-06 by Megan McDermott and Peyton Froula