The travelers on The Kentucky Bourbon Trail are about to have a new starting point. As of August 30, the Frazier History Museum unveils its stunning new Welcome Center.  And that’s only the beginning… of the beginning.

Part of the charm of The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is that it has historically been a do-it-yourself experience with no clear beginning, middle or end… just a growing list of destinations sprinkled throughout downtown Louisville on the Urban Bourbon Trail and heading out into the state.

But with 1.2 million visits to the Trail’s experiences in 2017, one query was heard above the clinking of glasses: “Where does it start?” This month, we finally have a definitive answer as Frazier History Museum unveils the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center and Spirit of Kentucky Exhibit on August 30.

It was worth the wait. The 3,200-square-foot Welcome Center and retail space is part of a dramatic renovation that includes a new entrance, green space and the 10,000-square-foot exhibit. It will even provide bourbon classes and concierge-style service for those who want assistance planning their trail itinerary.

“We want the Center to be not only a great introduction to the trail for out-of-town visitors and locals, but also a resource for collectors and enthusiasts,” says Frazier Director of Marketing Andrew Treinen.

And anyone seeking full immersion can head upstairs to the third floor, home to the new bourbon-themed Spirit of Kentucky Exhibit which provides a visual crash course in the history and making of the trail’s namesake.  The exhibit and center round out the trail with one, memorable and educational experience that the intrepid travelers on the bourbon trail have been thirsting for.  

IF YOU GO: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center and Spirit of Kentucky Exhibit is located at The Frazier History Museum at 829 W Main Street. Call 502-753-5663 or go to for more information.

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