She’s the makeup genius behind most of the TOPS covers and fashion shoots. So, we asked Jessie Conaty of Joseph’s Salon and Spa to interpret fall’s creative color trends.

The Arts Issue is the perfect place to talk about fall’s cosmetic trends which are strong, colorful and uber-creative. Bold palettes and unexpected uses of color and shine are the new norm and the freshest makeup ideas are dramatic and highly personalized.

Here, Jessie shares her favorite new looks with advice and product picks:

Rich Lips. “In conjunction with Fall’s menswear looks and the strength of women power, I love rich lip colors in shades of wine, brown and deep berry. Aveda’s Nourish-MINT lipsticks are 95 percent naturally derived with mint, vanilla and ginger and they stay true for eight hours!” Favorites: Aveda Nourish-MINT in Morello, Chili and Cocoa Bean, $24.

Shimmer. “Take this summer festival look and transfer it to Fall by wearing shimmer on eyelids with diamond studs or even a little glitter. It’s all about being yourself as a strong woman and not being afraid to show your individuality. Shimmer any time!”

Structured Brows. “What looks finished for fall is a brow that is naturally enhanced and defined with liner.” Favorites: Aveda Sepio and Cacao Eye pencil, $19.

Dewy Skin. “All of the best makeup starts with great skin and that means exfoliation. It helps remove excess buildup of dead, dull surface cells and allows your skin to renew itself more evenly. And I love the dewy makeup finish—especially for fall when skin is usually chapped and dry. A trick? Apply a few drops of Aveda Radiant Oleation Oil ($49) before concealer or makeup.”

Fresh Complexion. “The best exfoliation ideas are to use a facial dry brush ($44) on dry skin every morning and evening in an upward motion. Use Radiant Skin Refiner ($41) once or twice a week. Bamboo extract is a natural way to give your skin a healthy, even glow and it’s gentle.” 

All Aveda makeup mentioned here is available at Joseph’s Salon and Spa at 3938 Dutchmans Lane, 502-897-5369

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