After decades in the coffee business, Leo Fante realized a lifelong dream by opening Fante’s Coffee House, a charming place where there’s more on the menu than what’s in your ceramic cup.

Fante’s Coffee House is the culmination of Leo Fante’s 40 years in the coffee business. “I wanted to have a coffee house for my entire life. I spent a long-time consulting with people who owned coffee houses. I made notes everywhere I went,” he says.

Now, Louisvillians can enjoy their own adventure at Fante’s, a European-style coffee house. He sources coffee beans from all over the world, including Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Kenya.

Fante’s has a coffee lab where the staff applies the science of roasting and brewing coffee. A color analysis is performed on every roast.

“We can chart and graph all our coffees so we know they fall in the center of the optimum balance window."

Eschewing drive-thru service and disliking paper cups, Fante presents his coffees in preheated ceramic mugs. On the hot drinks menu are favorites such as latte, con leche, Cubano, macchiato, chai, mocha, espresso, cappuccino, hot cocoa and tea. There are also cold drinks like iced latte, cookie frappe, frozen chai, frozen cappuccino, iced tea, nitro cold brew and Italian sodas.

Fante’s is one of the few coffee houses that serves fresh food. The menu features chorizo egg Pepper Jack, veggie egg Swiss, and bacon egg Cheddar breakfast burritos. If a waffle sandwich suits your palate’s fancy, you’ll have to choose between the bacon egg Swiss, the egg blueberry goat cheese or the egg tomato onion Cheddar. Still can’t decide? Maybe a breakfast bowl is for you: three meat, vegan black bean or veggie egg Swiss. The menu is rounded out with donuts, scones, cookies, muffins, cakes and bars.

Congeniality is brewed along with coffee at Fante’s. The coffee house is designed as a place for friends to gather and for business to be conducted. A large meeting space in back is ideal for hosting parties, rehearsal dinners or clubs.

Fante and his son are vintage and exotic car aficionados. Coffee and Cars, a fun, family event held the third Saturday every month from April through November brings car owners and the cars they like to show off with others who simply like looking at them. The events benefit organizations such as Make a Wish and Kids Cancer Alliance.

IF YOU GO: Fante’s is located at 2501 Grinstead Drive, 502-454-0543

Posted on 2018-08-06 by Nancy Miller